When Your Spouse Mocks You – Meaning And 5 Things To Do

When your spouse mocks you

When your spouse mocks you, you are often perplexed about how to react to that mockery.

You understand how it feels to have your partner make fun of you if this sounds familiar. This article will help you realize when you are being mocked, why you are being bullied, teasing as a sign of abuse, and what to do to stop being teased.

When your spouse mocks you

On the surface, mockery can appear to be nothing more than an amusing pastime. But in practice, it’s completely different. Mockery is a technique for pulling someone down and minimizing their value. It’s a tactic to diminish them and make them feel under you. It can be excruciating when it comes from someone you are supposed to be closest to.

Although mocking may seem lighthearted to make your husband angry, it cannot be suitable for your marriage. When you make fun of your spouse, you undermine their self-worth and make them feel inadequate. Additionally, you’re conveying that you don’t value them or find them amusing. And if you’re married, delivering that message is extra inappropriate.

Mocking is another red flag for a troubled relationship. If you and your partner are continually making fun of one another, things have gotten out of hand, and you’re not getting along. If so, it’s time to look for expert assistance. It’s painful, not humorous.

It’s not funny if your spouse makes fun of you. It’s pretty painful. Additionally, it might seriously harm your relationship. Someone can be attacked and made to feel inadequate by being mocked.

It’s a tactic for demeaning and attempting to control someone.
When someone makes fun of you, they attempt to influence your emotions and behavior. The wisest course of action in this circumstance is to defend your interests.

Don’t let your spouse make fun of you or dictate your feelings.
Discuss your feelings about being mocked and tell them it’s unacceptable.
They’ll cease making fun of you if they care about you.

Why Does My Spouse Mock Me?

Why Does My Spouse Mock Me? 4 Possible Reasons

Generally speaking, no one deserves to be mocked; there are many reasons your spouse would deem it right to tease you, whether you deserve it or not. Below are a couple of those reasons;

1. They are angry with you

Most times, your partner could be holding a personal vendetta against you, for an act you might have done sometime back. This is often the case if your spouse is an emotionally inward person who likes to keep things in rather than communicate.

They rather displace emotions with sly comments and offensive behavior.

2. They are emotionally abusive

If you happen to be with an abusive partner, their common traits are constant mockery, belittling, and harassment. Your emotionally manipulative partner has probably realized that words get to you and would instead derive pleasure in blackmailing and tormenting you with them.

3. They are ignorant

Your partner could be very vocal and often find themselves talking more than they should. That may not be an excuse to blab, but if you understand this, you could call them out when you feel they are crossing the boundary.

4. They are joking

Such jokes are very much okay to be termed ‘expensive jokes’; your spouse, you’re carried away when trying to be hilarious and deems fit to make you the center of attention for his bad jokes.

Is Mocking A Form Of Abuse?

If mocking is abuse, you might be wondering. It is possible, is the reply? Emotional abuse occurs when a partner repeatedly makes fun of you, demeans you, and makes you feel horrible about yourself.

It is possible to manipulate and degrade someone by mocking them. They are intended to feel small and helpless by doing this. And it’s not at all funny. If your partner behaves this way toward you, it’s time to discuss respect and boundaries.

So what can you do to put an end to the mockery? First, you must speak up for yourself and let your partner know their actions are upsetting and not amusing. Although having this talk can be challenging, it’s crucial to be assertive and transparent about your emotions.

You might also want to seek counseling or therapy to help you deal with the pain that the mocking has created. Last but not least, make an effort to concentrate on your relationship’s positive elements and raise your self-esteem so that the mockings won’t have as much of an impact on you.


Mocking As A Sign Of A Troubled Marriage?

Mocking As A Sign Of A Troubled Marriage?

Your marriage has severe issues if your partner constantly makes fun of you. It’s painful, not humorous. Additionally, it is a symptom that your partner doesn’t value you.

Your partner may mock you as verbal abuse to exert control over you and make you feel inferior. It’s crucial to speak up and let your spouse know if you find it offensive if you’re being made fun of.

If you’re unsure whether someone is making fun of you, watch out for these indicators:

– Your partner teases you in front of others.

– Your spouse makes harmful imitations of you.

– Your partner cracks jokes about you.

– You feel hurt when your spouse teases you.

– Your partner minimizes your achievements.

It’s time to discuss the issue with your partner if you are going through any of these things.


What Are The five Signs Of Emotional Abuse?

What Are The five Signs Of Emotional Abuse?

The following are five indicators to watch out for if you’re unsure whether you’re experiencing emotional abuse:

– Your partner constantly belittles or criticizes you.
– Your partner dictates your actions and your social circle.
– Your partner threatens you or acts violently toward you.
– Your lover treats you like a crazy person.
– Your spouse is in charge of your finances.

It’s crucial to ask for assistance if you’re going through any of these.
Since emotional abuse may be just as harmful as physical violence, leaving a toxic environment is critical before it worsens.

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You.

Your partner should never say certain things to you, no matter how enraged they are. It’s time to have a severe chat about respect and limits if they say any of the following to you:

1. It’s all your fault.
Even if they were the source, blaming someone else never makes the problem disappear. Instead of accusing others or escalating the problem, your partner could express how they feel instead of making accusations.

2. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
They should accept all of your aims and ideas as a caring partner. You can stop feeling at ease expressing your ideas to them if they continuously shoot them down. Even if a SO says something absurd, there are more effective methods to express displeasure than simply dismissing them.

3. He/she always did better for me.
Bring in your ex-partners never, I repeat, never. In addition to making you angry, comparing your EX to someone else may indicate that they haven’t fully moved on from their former relationship. You can even have persistent anxiety that you are not good enough.

If your partner wants you to change in any manner, they should respectfully inquire about what they need from you as a partner.

4. I told you so.
One of the most fulfilling feelings is telling someone they were wrong and that you were right, but it doesn’t make things better.
In addition to being incredibly obnoxious, it can damage your ego in ways that go beyond its intended humor.

5. I just want to slap you right now!

Even if they would never engage in physical contact, just claiming as much isn’t any better. Your partner should restrain themselves from blurting out hurtful things like this when the fight is at its worst, and it won’t resolve a single issue and probably only fuel your ire.

6. You can’t do anything right.
One of the riskiest sayings is this one because if you hear it enough, you might start to believe it. It hurts when someone calls you inept, even if they don’t mean it. This may impact a person’s overall sense of confidence and worth.

7. Don’t wear that.
When has berating your partner ever worked out well? They wouldn’t be concerned about your appearance if they truly loved you. Instead of making you feel self-conscious and guilty about your fashion choices, they should recommend some of their favorite items from your wardrobe.

All these are instances of how your partner could invalidate your emotions and give you the impression that you aren’t permitted to express yourself. Such mocking is damaging and can sour a relationship. If your spouse cannot respect you in their communication with you, it may be time to rethink your relationship.

Things An Abusive Spouse Says

Your partner might state things like:

“I wouldn’t have to say these things if you weren’t so sensitive,”

“I was only kidding. You know I meant nothing by it.

You constantly overreact. I can’t say anything without making you angry.

“No one ever complains when I joke with them except myself. Only you are incapable of laughing at a joke.

These comments all gaslight you and cause you to doubt reality, which they have in common. They are also warning signs that your partner is abusing you emotionally. It’s time to get help if your partner frequently belittles you, makes you feel horrible about yourself, or takes away your authority and control through sarcasm or “jokes.”

You may do a few things to stop your spouse from making fun of you.

– First, have a meaningful discussion with your spouse about how you feel about their mockery. Explain that their words are painful and be forthright.

– Secondly, attempt to keep a neutral attitude when your partner makes fun of you. The force of their statements will be diminished if you can maintain your composure.

– Pay particular attention to re-establishing intimacy and trust in your relationship. Work on restoring the mutual respect cornerstone of a healthy partnership.

If your partner frequently makes fun of you, take action to safeguard yourself. You might need to put yourself emotionally or physically apart from your partner.

To deal with the pain, you might need to seek counseling, Get assistance if you’re in an abusive relationship, Some groups can support you. Avoid suffering alone.

Generally, making a mockery of your spouse may seem like an innocent entertainment, but it has some rather dire repercussions. One consequence is that it might harm your relationship. One of the cornerstones of a solid marriage is trust, which is undermined by making a mockery of your partner.

Additionally, it could result in bitterness and upset sentiments. Feeling good about yourself is difficult when you’re the target of relentless ridicule. And over time, that hurt and resentment can develop into fury.

A pleasant and healthy marriage is impossible if you constantly criticize your partner. Your spouse will begin to think they are incapable of doing anything right if you always attack them. And neither of you should be there.

5 Things To Do If Your Spouse is mocking you

1. Understanding that you’re being emotionally abused:

Recognizing that you are being emotionally abused is a crucial first step. Mockery is a form of emotional abuse that can erode your self-esteem, confidence, and overall emotional well-being. Understanding this can help you validate your feelings and realize that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

2. Do not feign ignorance to their comments; call them out:

When your spouse mocks you, it’s important not to ignore or dismiss their comments. By acknowledging their behavior and calling them out, you send a clear message that their actions are hurtful and unacceptable. Express your feelings assertively, using “I” statements to describe how their mockery makes you feel. For example, say, “When you mock me, I feel hurt and disrespected.”

3. Have an honest conversation about your feelings:

Engage in an open and honest conversation with your spouse about how their mocking behavior affects you. Clearly communicate the emotional impact it has on your well-being and the relationship. Express your desire for a healthier and more respectful dynamic. Use this opportunity to share your needs and expectations for how you want to be treated in the relationship.

4. Let them understand that no one is perfect:

Remind your spouse that nobody is perfect, including yourself and them. Emphasize the importance of acceptance, empathy, and support in a healthy relationship. Encourage them to reflect on their own behavior and consider how they would feel if they were on the receiving end of similar mockery. Promote the idea of mutual respect, understanding, and growth as essential components of a strong partnership.

5. Speak up and if they refuse to change, do the same thing to them:

If your spouse continues to mock you despite your efforts to address the issue, it may be necessary to take stronger action. While mirroring their behavior by mocking them in return is not an ideal solution, it can sometimes serve as a wake-up call for them to realize the gravity of their actions. However, this should only be used as a last resort and with caution, as it may escalate the situation further. It is crucial to prioritize open communication, empathy, and seeking professional help, such as couples counseling, to address the underlying issues causing the mockery.


No one likes to be mocked, whether married or unmarried, so it is even more demeaning when you constantly are put down by someone you love the most. As a spouse, you should consider your partner’s feelings, be sensitive and cushion your words. Let’s learn to practice that.

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