Which Couples Get Married On Love Is Blind Season 3

Which Couples Get Married On Love Is Blind Season 3

In a world where dating reality shows are a dime a dozen, “Love Is Blind” stands out as a unique social experiment that tests the limits of emotional connections. Season 3 of this hit show has once again brought us a captivating display of love, vulnerability, and the human quest for companionship. As we look into the world of Season 3, let’s explore the couples that dared to find love without seeing each other.

Which Couples Get Married on Love Is Blind Season 3

In season three of Love is Blind, only Matt and Colleen and Brennon and Alexa were married.

The Concept of “Love Is Blind”

“Love is blind” is a popular proverb and concept that has been explored in various cultures and literary works for centuries. The phrase suggests that when people are in love, they often overlook or don’t see the faults or imperfections of the person they love. Essentially, powerful feelings of love can cloud one’s judgment and perception of reality. Here are some facets of this concept:

1. Literary and Historical Roots

The idea that love can blind us to the faults of our beloved has deep roots in literature and culture. William Shakespeare, for instance, touched upon this theme in several of his plays. The most notable is perhaps “The Merchant of Venice” where Jessica says, “Love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.”

2. Romantic Relationships

In relationships, the phrase often alludes to the idea that love can make someone overlook flaws, mistakes, or differences that might otherwise be a source of concern. Some see it in a positive light, suggesting love’s power to transcend superficial judgments. However, it can also be seen negatively if it means that one is overlooking significant red flags due to their feelings.

3. Blind to Reality

Some interpret “love is blind” as a cautionary statement. Love, when intense, can lead to irrational decisions, overlooking betrayals, or accepting mistreatment, thinking it’s justified because of love.

4. Infatuation vs. Love

The phrase often comes up in discussions about the difference between infatuation (a strong, often short-lived attraction) and genuine love. Infatuation can be especially “blinding,” leading individuals to make impulsive decisions or ignore signs that the relationship may not be healthy or sustainable.

5. Universal Application

While often applied to romantic relationships, the concept can be extended to other forms of love as well, such as familial love or friendship. Parents, for instance, might be blind to the faults or wrongdoings of their children because of their deep love for them.

6. Modern Takes

The concept of “love is blind” has also found its way into modern pop culture, including songs, movies, and even reality TV shows. A show titled “Love is Blind” explores the idea of forming deep emotional connections without ever seeing the other person, challenging societal emphasis on physical appearances in romantic relationships.

7. Critiques and Considerations

It’s worth noting that while “love is blind” underscores the all-consuming nature of love, it’s essential to differentiate between healthy love and unhealthy obsessions or dependencies. Healthy love often involves seeing and understanding a person’s flaws but choosing to love them regardless, rather than being oblivious to those flaws.

Casting for Season 3

Casting for Season 3 was an extensive process that aimed to bring together a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds. The show’s producers sought individuals who were open to finding love in a non-traditional manner. This season, the cast represents a variety of professions, cultures, and life experiences, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the show.

Profiles of the Couples

“Love Is Blind” is a reality television show produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Coelen.

Here are List Of Some Couples On Love Is Blind Season3

1. Alexa and Brennon

The first couple of Love is Blind season three to get engaged was Alfia, the 27-year-old owner of an insurance agency, and Brennon, the 32-year-old water treatment engineer. They spent some time together as fiancees in Malibu after leaving the pods, and things appeared to be going well for the couple.

2. Colleen and Matt

During their time in the pods, Colleen, a 26-year-old ballet dancer and digital PR specialist, and Matt, a 28-year-old private charter sales executive, also connected.

Matt didn’t seem to be Colleen’s first pick, though. She first seemed to be connecting with Cole, who broke up with Colleen due to worries about how “deep” their relationship would be emotionally, Brennon, before he opted to pursue a relationship with Alexa.

Having said that, Matt and Colleen appeared to be a strong relationship so far and couldn’t stop holding hands while they were in Malibu.

3. Bartise and Nancy

Before becoming engaged, senior analyst Bartise, 27, and real estate investor Nancy, 32, both dated other cast members from the pods. Raven, a Pilates instructor, and Bartise seemed to get along well. Nancy clicked with Andrew, who even proposed to her but she declined. After being rejected, a puzzling scenario ensued in which Andrew seems to utilize eye drops to simulate crying.
Although there was immediate chemistry between them when they first met, Bartise later in the series appeared to be doubting his relationship with Nancy after admitting that he still thought Raven was attractive.

4. Zanab and Cole

A seemingly perfect match, 32-year-old flight attendant Zanab and 27-year-old realtor Cole bonded in the pods over their shared religious beliefs and desire to have many children.

Outside of the pods, things haven’t been going quite as well, and there was some misunderstanding when Zanab thought Cole was punishing her by keeping quiet while he swore he was just letting her sleep in.

5. Raven and SK

SK, a 34-year-old data engineer, and Raven, a 29-year-old pilates instructor, hit it off right away. When Raven was asked to marry SK, she responded, “It’s a hard yes for me.”

But as soon as they emerge from the pods, Raven and Bartise find it difficult to establish a physical connection, and it appears that Bartise is still interested in Raven.


Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” once again demonstrates that love knows no boundaries. The couples who dared to take this unconventional journey showcased the power of emotional connections, resilience in the face of challenges, and the beauty of embracing love in all its forms. As the final episodes unfold, we are left with a reminder that while love may be blind, it also has the ability to illuminate the deepest corners of our hearts.


1. Is “Love Is Blind” entirely unscripted? Yes, while certain scenarios might be set up by producers, the participants’ reactions and decisions are their own.

2. How long does the entire filming of a season take? Filming can last several weeks, but the exact duration varies based on the number of participants and events in the season.

3. Are participants in the show compensated for their time? While the exact details are private, reality show participants often receive some form of compensation.

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