What Happened To Love Island Season 2 Couples

What Happened To Love Island Season 2 Couples?

Ever tuned into a reality show and felt like you knew the participants personally? Love Island Season 2 was one such sensation. “Love Island” is a reality dating show that originated in the UK and has had various international adaptations. If you’re referring to the UK version, Season 2 aired in 2016. But where are those lovebirds now?

What Happened To Love Island Season 2 Couples?

Here’s a breakdown of what happened with the main couples:

1. Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde

They were the winners of Season 2. Although they had their ups and downs after leaving the villa, the couple eventually reconciled. They got engaged in 2017 and were married in 2019. The couple also has two children, a son named Freddie-George and a daughter named Delilah.

2. Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland

They were the runners-up of the season. Unlike most Love Island couples, their relationship remained strong after the show. They got engaged in December 2016 and tied the knot in September 2018, becoming the first Love Island couple to get married. As of my last update, they’re still together.

3. Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott

After the show, they tried to make their relationship work but eventually split up about a year later.

4. Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams

The couple split a few months after leaving the villa.

5. Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton

They continued their relationship for a while after the show but eventually broke up in 2017.

6. Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon

They faced several challenges both inside and outside the villa. Sadly, they broke up a few months after leaving the villa. Tragically, Sophie Gradon passed away in 2018.

Challenges Of Love Island Season 2 Couples

Here are some of the challenges and issues the couples from “Love Island” Season 2 faced, both during and after the show:

1. External Opinions and Influences

Once in the villa, the couples are cut off from the outside world. However, new islanders and video messages sometimes bring in opinions and information from the outside, which can test relationships.

2. New Arrivals

As new islanders come into the villa, there’s potential for heads to turn and current relationships to be threatened.

3. Casa Amor

Halfway through the season, the male contestants were moved to another villa named Casa Amor, where they met a new batch of female contestants, while the girls stayed in the original villa with new male contestants. This was a massive test for many of the couples.

4. Public Opinion and Voting

Public opinion can play a significant role. Couples with lower public support might feel pressured or question the authenticity of their relationship.

5. Media and Public Scrutiny

After leaving the villa, couples face immense public and media scrutiny. The UK tabloids and social media can be quite invasive, often dissecting every move, which can add pressure to the relationships.

6. Reality of the Real World

Once outside the villa, couples have to navigate the challenges of the real world, from distance issues to integrating into each other’s lives.

7. Commercial Opportunities

Exiting contestants often get numerous commercial opportunities, from sponsorships to appearances. Balancing these opportunities while maintaining a relationship can be challenging.

8. Past Relationships

Past relationships or flings can come to light once contestants leave the villa, creating trust issues or challenges in their current relationship.

9. Mental Health Concerns

The pressure of the show, coupled with the intense scrutiny after leaving, can take a toll on the mental health of contestants. The sudden fame is not always easy to manage.

10. Long-Term Compatibility

Like any relationship, couples from “Love Island” need to figure out if they are truly compatible in the long run, which goes beyond the initial attraction and excitement.

Advantages Of Love Island Season 2 To The Couples

For the couples participating, there are several advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Increased Public Profile

Contestants on the show usually gain a significant increase in their public profile, particularly through social media. This can lead to various opportunities once they leave the villa.

2. Potential Career Opportunities

Many contestants from “Love Island” have been able to leverage their newfound fame into careers in the media industry, becoming television presenters, influencers, or even launching their own businesses.

3. Emotional Growth

While the environment is heightened and can be stressful, the experience can provide individuals with insight into their relationship behaviors, preferences, and patterns.

4. Support Network

The show provides an environment where individuals can form close bonds with others who are experiencing the same unique situation. These friendships can last long after the show has ended.

5. Potential Prize Money

Couples who make it to the end have the chance to win a cash prize. Even if they don’t win, they might benefit from other financial opportunities that arise due to their time on the show.

6. Finding Love

The primary aim of the show is for individuals to find a romantic partner. While not all couples last, some have gone on to have long-term relationships and even marriages after their time on the show.

7. Free Vacation

Contestants get to live in a luxurious villa in a beautiful location, often a sunny and picturesque island.

8. Personal Challenges

The challenges, games, and tasks presented on the show can help individuals push their boundaries and develop skills they might not have been aware of.

9. Counseling and Support

After the show, participants are offered psychological support to help them deal with the transition back to regular life and the fame that comes with it. This support can be beneficial to their mental health.

10. Networking

The exposure from the show can lead to networking opportunities in various industries, particularly entertainment and media.


The journey of the couples from “Love Island Season 2” has been a captivating blend of romance, trials, and evolution. As with most reality shows, the real test for participants begins after the cameras stop rolling, and this season was no different. The couples, having initially sparked connections under the intense and isolated conditions of the villa, faced the challenges of transitioning their relationships into the real world. Some managed to nurture and strengthen their bonds, establishing themselves as relationship goals, while others found that without the bubble of the villa, their connections were not as resilient.


1. How many couples from Love Island Season 2 are still together?

A select few have withstood the test of time.

2. Why do most Love Island couples break up after the show?

The pressures of fame and the realities outside the villa often play significant roles.

3. Have any of the participants made it big in Hollywood post the show?

Yes, several participants have landed acting gigs and endorsements.


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