Does my prodigal spouse think about me

Does my prodigal spouse think about me

Many persons in troubled marriages ask, “Does my prodigal spouse think about me.” A prodigal spouse is a husband or wife who walks away from marriage and family obligations to pursue their interests.

If you’ve been fighting for your marriage and have become accustomed to dealing with a prodigal spouse who is walking around blindly in sin, you’ve probably encountered situations where you’ve felt tempted to have a heated argument with your spouse in the hopes that they will finally come to understand the truth through your inspirational ideas.

While doing this could occasionally seem wise, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, in most circumstances, a hardened heart will not be open to the message you convey. Hearing your thoughts can frequently have the opposite impact, making people more determined to rebel against God and do bad things.

Does my prodigal spouse think about me?

Is my prodigal spouse ever missing me, you wonder? Yes, but not in the manner you may anticipate or wish.

Your prodigal spouse is considering how they might improve their lives, not you. They aren’t thinking about you or how much suffering they are causing you. They aren’t even considering the harm to your relationship that they are driving.

The prodigal spouse is preoccupied with ensuring their wellbeing and well-being. And because of that, you must look after yourself now.

There are a few crucial indicators that can indicate whether or not your prodigal spouse is missing you and considering returning;

  • They might be attempting to communicate more frequently, for starters. They might make more calls or texts than usual or perhaps get in touch with former acquaintances they haven’t seen in a while. They can also be attempting to reestablish contact with distant relatives.


  • They can start feeling bad about leaving, which is another indication. They might say, “I wish I hadn’t left,” or “I miss you.” Additionally, they could start to doubt if they made the right choice.


  • They might finally start to express an interest in going back home. They may search for apartments close to you or even inquire about your relationship’s state.

5 Effective to love a prodigal spouse?

Although it may be challenging to love a spouse that constantly frustrates their home, you are pushed to make an effort when you remember the vows you had sworn to each other. Below are a few tips that might help you love your prodigal spouse regardless.

1. Regard your brokenness with honesty.

According to the Bible, one has to remove the speck from their eyes before trying to remove that of their neighbours. That applies to how you approach matters in your marriage, especially when you struggle to see why you should keep loving your prodigal spouse.

You are knowing, understanding, and treating your flaws before theirs may help you and your spouse effect changes in the marriage.

2. Assume responsibility for taking the blow.

We who are powerful must show consideration for those who are sensitive to issues. We can aim to please ourselves and encourage our spouse to do the right thing.

Even in times when you don’t seem to be strong, you need to take the blow at times and let some things slide.

3. Don’t encourage sin with your extravagance.

In whatever altercations between you and your spouse, do not encourage his sins, but try to put him onto the right parts, and in doing so, do not make it an excuse to sin against your marriage either.

4. Stop attempting to influence every outcome.

You cannot continuously put yourself in worry over what your prodigal spouse is doing. You may not be able to control their outcome, but you can ensure that their products don’t affect you.

5. Pray that God will provide whatever is necessary.

Be hopeful and remain prayerful that God would take action that would better the situation of things.


Is my prodigal spouse happy and doing fine?

Is my prodigal spouse happy and doing fine?

As a former prodigal, this is a question I get often. Are prodigals happy and moving on like they appear to be? It’s true that with some spenders, we see their pain, struggles, and battles with sin, depression, and anxiety, but with others, it looks like they are doing just great and couldn’t be happier.

Your prodigal spouse may appear to believe in God and continue to attend church, but if they are engaged in immorality, like adultery, they may be deluded and not follow the true and living God. They present a front of godliness yet reject the gospel’s transformative power.

Prodigal spouse false starts

Your prodigal spouse may have returned home a few times to depart again. Every time they leave, they reassure you that this time is the last; they’re prepared to dedicate themselves to the marriage. But after a few days or weeks, they vanish once more.

What is happening here?

Your partner might be making erroneous attempts. Even though they may wish to return home, they aren’t prepared to address the underlying problems that caused them to leave in the first place. They believe they can find what they’re looking for elsewhere, so they return to the outside world.

But the truth is that until they address the cause of the issue, no matter how far they search, they won’t find what they’re looking for. And they alone are capable of doing that.

Is God working in my prodigal spouse?

Is God working in my prodigal spouse?

You may be wondering if God is intervening in the life of your prodigal spouse. He is, is the answer, indeed.

God pursues them even if they have fled. He is still making efforts to entice them to return to Him. And the reason is that He loves them just like He loves you—unconditionally.

Therefore, don’t give up. Continue to pray for your spouse and believe God is working in their life even if you can’t see it right now.

It’s not that your partner has lost interest in you or the life you two enjoyed. They might be considering you more than you realize. They could feel bad, embarrassed, or remorseful about what they did. They might even be looking for a means of returning.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your spouse’s departure may not necessarily reflect poorly on you. There can be several things at work that are unrelated to you or your relationship. Give your spouse the space they require, regardless of the cause. If they return, it ought to be of their own volition and not out of guilt.

In summary,

Being in a situation where your patience and the limits of your love and grace are pushed and challenged in ways you never thought imaginable due to being married to a prodigal or having a kid, close family member, or friend who is extravagant! You eventually realize that conflict can start in your relationships and at home.

You may frequently find yourself in a very contentious situation with the prodigal spouse or the prodigal spouse. You’re unsure how to handle everything when this prodigal turns the tables on you. Your heart, emotions, and occasionally finances become tangled up. Your feelings consequently lead you in directions you don’t wish to go.

The breakdown of marriages is not a given. But if the parents can’t agree on handling their child, the consequences could be disastrous.

Perhaps a woman uses her head when making judgments. She believes their child should suffer the repercussions because they misbehaved. However, the spouse errs on the side of the heart. We’ve got to give this kid some leeway, he thinks. Maybe we can bring him back with love, understanding, and compassion. Therefore, there is a clash, and the child is aware of it. Children are masters at dividing up their parents. As a result, the husband and wife grow increasingly divided about the child’s behaviour within the marriage.

Getting parents of kids who cooperate to agree on discipline is difficult enough. How can prodigal parents prevent strife from destroying their union?

You have a source of strength to draw from if couples have established a strong foundation for their relationship from the start—one marked by open communication and firm commitment. However, if your marriage is fragile and tense, catastrophe could overwhelm you since you may feel alone. You experience being a married single. You feel as though you are going through this struggle by yourself.

Undoubtedly, it’s critical to understand the dividing factor at play. If you have a prodigal child, whether they live with you or have an impact from outside, you need to find strategies to prevent it from dividing you.



Final thoughts

You are a physical representation of God’s love for the lost if you care for a prodigal. Even if the prodigal son did everything he could to lose your respect and goodwill, you still have feelings for him. You adore him because he is yours, not because he deserves it. And God loves you in that way.


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