What might some women love more than their spouse

What might some women love more than their spouse

Out of curiosity, you can’t help as a man to ponder on questions like “What might some women love more than their spouse.”

Although there’s no direct answer to this question because love cannot be quantified, it is allowed to analyze some things that might make a woman love her spouse less and those that could make a woman love her spouse more.

This article will outline what could make or break your relationship.


What might some women love more than their spouse – 4 fascinating things

Many ladies adore their partners more than anything else in the world. However, some people might enjoy other things even more or at least just as much.

  • For instance, a woman might cherish time spent with her friends above everything else. She can also be utterly devoted to her work because she loves it. Numerous things exist that women can adore in equal measure to or even greater extent than their spouse.
  • An excellent example of what women might love more than their spouse (husband) is children; this is simply because they carried them in their womb and did have to nurture them till adulthood.
  • A woman might also enjoy some alone time; this should not be a cause of concern as your wife can be exhausted from physical, emotional and social catering to the family. It may seem as though your wife derives more pleasure in being away from her kids or husband for a while, but this is only an allowed self-care period for her, so let her have it.
  • Financial and material accessibility, in some relationships, women are moved to what the man can provide financially and materially than the actual presence of their spouse. It may appear sad, but this could be an already discussed and agreed action between both partners.


10 Things that would make a wife love her spouse more

10 Things that would make a wife love her spouse more

1. Love and Affection

Every woman likes to feel valued and respected, which should apply to her wife. Your wife expects you to treat her with softness and care.

2. Admiration

Your wife wants to catch you unawares admiring her; she expects you to make her feel like the most attractive woman in the world; she silently blushes over excessive compliments and would feel confident, safe, and secure if she knew her husband adores her.

3. Addiction

It may seem like being addicted or obsessed with your partner is awful, but in a real sense, it should be that way. A wife would love to know she’s been missed and that her absence has negatively affected her man’s normal functioning.

4. Attention

As the saying goes, “every woman loves attention”, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your wife is needy and, at times, clingy.

5. A spouse and A friend

Your wife wants to confide in you freely, with less judgment and more understanding. she does not just need a partner but a man that can be playful and comforting.

6. A bound of equals

Everyone wants to be respected, and equality is a massive concern in marriages. Your woman wants you to view as an equal.

They want a person who values their opinions and does not put them down. They want a best friend, not a dictator. A good marital relationship exists if the couple celebrates its success together.

7. Sexual satisfaction

Sex is holy, and your wife desires a unique and adventurous sexual experience. She expects that sexual boundaries are explored, set, and broken together.

8. Understanding and forgiveness

Marriage comes with misunderstandings and quarrels. No spouse wants an unforgiving and grudgeful partner. Your woman would like to be corrected with love and to move past issues with a free spirit.

9. A supportive spouse

Every woman needs a backbone and a support system, and which better person to find that in than your husband? As a wife, you want your man to support your ideas, growth, and choices.

10. An Intellectual and intelligent man

Every woman wants to hold an intelligent conversation with their man, feel proud when their man gets to speak in public and is at peace with the idea that their husband is sound and exposed.


15 Things that would make a wife love her spouse less

15 Things that would make a wife love her spouse less

1. A spouse that flirts with others

No woman wants a man who derives pleasure from flirting with other women in secrecy or in the open. There’s a thin line between being polite and being outrightly flirtatious. Women are quick to spot the difference, and having a man that does that is outrightly disrespectful.

2. A nag

stating out your dislike is no big deal, but constantly complaining about your wife and refusing to appraise efforts to adapt to changes is outright nagging. Nobody likes a nag, and when a woman is caught up in a situation with constant complaints from her spouse, she begins to withdraw.

3. A cheat

No one like a cheat, and most certainly not a wife. Loyalty and trust are a big deal in marriage and, to most, a deal breaker. If you cheat as a husband, it’s difficult for a woman to move past that, and during her healing process, distrust would be observed.

4. Excessive dominance

Women love a man that’s dominating, takes charge, and commands authority. However, they also want their man to cut some slack when it comes to them. They want to feel heard and able to subdue their husband. A bit of flexibility would go a long way regarding this.

5. Spontaneity

A wife wants a spontaneous home; it’s good to predict off head what your man might do, but being surprised here or there could spice up the relationship.

6. Stturborness

It’s advisable as a man that you listen to your wife. A woman likes to feel heard; she wants you to be available for her rants and gossip. I guess that’s where the friendship aspect comes in handy.

7. Comparison

No woman wants to be compared; there are other ways to let your wife in on her errors, and comparison isn’t one of them.

8. Embarrassment

Wives want to be treated with respect, and constantly embarrassing her would trigger a horrible reaction and make her withdrawn.

9. Being Unromantic

Wives expect their husbands to maintain the flames and constantly rekindle the romance; they want their man to stay flirtatious, sexy, and adventurous. They expect frequent gifting, compliments, and love.

10. Messiness and untidiness

Not cleaning up and constantly expecting your wives to tidy up after you can be physically strenuous. Your wife would only be left irritated at your actions, as she expects you to be able to clean up and assist in maintaining the house environment.

11. Taking Sex for granted

Sexual lives in relationships are essential, and women do crave Sex too. A wife wants to be satisfied by her man; she wants to get turned and sexually satiated by him.

12. An Irresponsible man

A wife expects their husband to be the head of his home, to provide and carter for the family. Where it seems like she’s handling such obligations or the man is not capable of doing so, she begins to lose her respect.

13. Swearing or being abusive

An abusive home is a huge red flag and a warning to leave. No wife would want a man that can not control his temper. A woman wants to feel safe; even when she knows her man has lost his character, she wants to be secure that he won’t raise his hands on her.

Constant name-calling and belittling can also be a form of abuse; to boost your wife’s confidence and self-esteem, it is preferable not to use words that would make her feel insecure.

14. An unforgetful and forgiving partner

No woman wants to be constantly reminded of her past or mistakes; having a partner continuously use her bad history to hurt you during arguments or as a joke can be offsetting.

15. Mismanagement

Although this is not common among husbands, if a man happens to be found wanting for mismanagement, it could be unpleasant for the wife. A woman wants to know that their home and assets are in safe hands and that the future is promising; having a bad spending habit would appear as a red flag to her.


Final thoughts

Marital dislike or hatred is natural; it is typical for spouses to begin to dislike themselves. There are so many reasons for this, ranging from attitudes to standard of living and many more.

If you notice that your spouse is getting easily irritated and there happen to be a spike in the amount of time you quarrel, maybe you should start focusing on why it is so.

If you do not consider divorce an option, I advise that marital counselling be sought if you happen to be in this situation and have exhausted all your options.


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