When the enemy uses your spouse

When the enemy uses your spouse

When the enemy uses your spouse, you find yourself at a crossroads between leaving or staying.

In marriages, couples frequently experience various difficulties, but one of the trickiest circumstances to handle is when the enemy is using your partner. When your partner behaves in a painful or damaging way, it can be tempting to see them as the adversary, but it’s crucial to remember that they are probably under the influence of outside forces.

This article would enlighten you on what to do and how to handle when adversaries use your spouse to ruin your home.


When the enemy uses your spouse

The enemy can be attempting to sever your connection by putting distance between you and your partner. They may also be trying to take your delight or cause you misery.

It’s critical to keep in mind that your spouse is not your enemy, regardless of their intentions. Instead, concentrate on improving your relationship with God via prayer. This will give you the power to repel any assault from the opposition. It feels personal when the enemy employs your spouse.

In this circumstance, determining what to do can be challenging. Since you don’t want to say or do anything that would make the situation worse, you can feel as though you are moving cautiously.

It’s possible that you even want to give up. Please don’t give up if you end up in this circumstance. There is still hope, and you can take steps to get through this trying period.


Behaviours the devil can use in your spouse to his advantage 1

Behaviours the devil can use in your spouse to his advantage


The most significant influence on your life is what you fear. If you are afraid of failing, you won’t try anything because you “may” fail at it. The devil wants you to fear what is in store for you and your spouse as you travel the path God has planned for you. He wants you to tremble helplessly and helplessly before the engulfing wave of unknowables. He wants anxiety and worries to hang over your marriage. He wants you to be so overwhelmed with Fear and tension that you stop praying to God.

Fearing God, the one Being deserving of Fear, is the only way to overcome Fear. If you have a fear of God, nothing can ever move you or stop you.


The devil can destroy your marriage and diminish your ability to serve God if he can separate you and your spouse. Division virtually never develops out of nothing; instead, it is a process that begins with all of the small-minded issues and arguments. It manifests itself in various ways, including quarrelling and fighting, a lack of communication, busyness, a lack of focus, and unmet expectations, to mention a few. When selfishness serves as the driving force and pride is the foundation for your interactions with one another, division results.
However, humility in the hearts of a husband and wife is the cure to discord in marriage, inspiring them to decide to set aside their pride to be reconciled.

Enemies of marriage in the Bible

There has always been opposition to marriage. Marriage is fiercely resisted by the world, the body, and the devil, especially when it comes to Christian weddings. Here are two terrible foes of marriage, particularly Christian marriage.

Neglecting the foundation

neglecting the biblical foundation deserves to be at the top of the list as the adversary of marriage. According to the Bible, marriage is a God-ordained institution intended to honour God by revealing something about him.
The marital covenant is a picture of the marriage covenant between Christ and his church, which is one of the great mysteries of marriage. We overlook God at our peril because marriage is from God, about God, for God, and to God.

Only when we have a solid biblical foundation can we correctly comprehend how a husband and wife are to relate, how they are to fulfil their respective duties, and how they are to endeavour to glorify God both individually and as a pair. Any other basis would mean ignoring the rock and constructing a marriage on the sand.

Neglecting to pray

Our lifeline, prayer, allows us to thank God, express our appreciation, confess our sins, and ask for assistance. When a couple prays together, they admit to God that they depend on him and cannot survive without him. Both individual and communal prayer are crucial components of the Christian life and marriage.
When a couple stops praying, they say they can thrive and survive independently and do not require God’s constant, present-moment support. Marriage suffers significantly from a lack of prayer.

Signs your spouse is under spiritual attack.

Man and woman are supposed to have an excellent relationship. It’s a period when a man and a woman come together to get to know one another in preparation for marriage.

A stable relationship, however, can occasionally fall apart for emotional, psychological, or spiritual reasons. An association may fail to physical causes such as conduct, history, illness, character, etc. Spiritual factors like a lack of prayer, relapse, or disobedience to God may also be to blame.

  • Lack of peace and understanding

Instead of the typical peace and understanding, there are ongoing disputes, battles, and arguments.

Arguments or disputes are inevitable in any happy relationship. It is typical, given that we are all unique individuals with various life experiences, worldviews, goals, personalities, and religious convictions.

As a result, it is nearly difficult to avoid offending one another. There would occasionally be disputes, debates, and quarrels.

When arguments, disputes, clashes, and quarrels frequently break out without any opportunity for resolution, it indicates an attack. When there are offences and a battle, it becomes an attack. When no one gives ground and compromises cannot be reached, it becomes an assault.

  • Resistance to or a challenge with making sacrifices

Making compromises in relationships is common, but if you find it difficult or practically impossible to do so, this could be a symptom of an attack.

Constant sacrifices are the foundation of happy relationships. When making it gets challenging, something must be wrong. This might necessitate a deliberate discussion between the two parties. Knowing the source of the issue and how you may effectively combat it will be helpful.


When the enemy uses your spouse

What the Bible says about fighting for your marriage?

It is simple for someone else to advise you to give up when things get complicated, but only you are accountable for your choices. And God will battle alongside you if you decide to fight for your marriage.
Before God, a man and a woman enter into marriage, promising to spend the rest of their lives loving and serving one another for the glory of God. The marriage covenant we enter into was intended to reflect the unconditional, unbreakable commitment between Jesus and us (Ephesians 5:22-33). God cares so much about us standing up for our marriage.

We choose to prioritize Jesus in our life when we pursue our wives. We’ve decided to have faith that God’s plan for marriage will be better than our own. You should exercise these few points;

  • Never surrender.

Every marriage runs into problems. Just as challenges are intended to enhance our connection with Christ, those trials are designed to deepen our love for our spouse (1 Corinthians 7:28).

It’s acceptable to seek assistance if the difficulties appear too much for you to handle. Think about talking to a professional counsellor or confiding in an elderly married couple who can support you during challenging moments.

Any successful partnership requires commitment, communication, and commitment.

  • Protect your union.

God continually draws people to Himself, and one day, Jesus will come back to Earth to eliminate the sin and brokenness in our world (Revelation 21:4). However, in the interim, Satan will use every means at his disposal, such as attacking couples, to render Christians ineffective and divert non-Christians from Jesus’ gift of redemption.

Marriages are susceptible to Satan because God values them so highly. Satan can cause believers and non-believers to doubt God’s ideal purpose for relationships if he can sow discord between a husband and wife.


How to defeat the devil in your marriage

The devil enjoys destroying marriages. He knows that if he can break up a couple’s union, he may also break up the family. There is, however, hope! Here are some suggestions on how to thwart the devil and mend your marriage if you are having relationship issues:

Together, study God’s word. The Bible has a lot to say about relationships and marriage. You will be able to discover God’s marriage-related concepts and use them in your connection by studying God’s word together.

One another’s service Serving your spouse is one of the best methods to combat the enemy. You demonstrate Christ’s love for them when you prioritize their needs over your own. This may serve as a potent witness to them and work to win back their affection for you.



Final Thoughts

Ask for godly advice. Don’t go through a difficult time in your marriage by yourself. Find a pastor or counsellor who can provide godly advice and help you solve your problems.


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