My Marriage is Falling Apart And My Husband Doesn’t Care: 15 Things To Do

My Marriage is Falling Apart And My Husband Doesn't Care 15 Things To Do

It is usual for a wife to ponder topics such as “My Marriage is Falling Apart And My Husband Doesn’t Care”  For a marriage to be successful, an effort has to be made from both sides. Marriage should be a union and a safe space for the couple.

Keeping the ship of one’s marriage afloat requires teamwork. So, it can be devastating when it seems like your marriage is falling apart and your husband doesn’t care.

However, it would be best never to forget that no matter how distant your husband seems, you can still shift your union to a more positive and loving place.


My Marriage is Falling Apart And My Husband Doesn’t Care- 15 Things To Do

Many know firsthand that you must juggle a lot in marriage, like the kids, jobs, chores, finances, etc.

There are many possible reasons for your marriage to fall apart, but here are a few steps to help you fix that.

Find Out What Is Wrong In Your Relationship

So many things can make your marriage seem like it is falling apart. Admitting that there is a problem is the first step to bringing about positive change in your wedding.

The second step is finding out what is wrong. A marriage can fall apart for the most miniature reasons, and it could be anything. Find the possible leaks and plug them in.

Verbally Express Your Love For Your Husband

If, at some point in your marriage, one or both of you had stopped saying “I love you,” then it is high time you started it.

Verbally express your appreciation at every given opportunity. Let your husband know how you feel. Tell your spouse you are thankful for having them in your life.

Tell him you love him every single day. This is an easy but essential (and sometimes overlooked) reminder of how important it is to care for one another in your marriage.

Sincerely Compliment Him

Please pay more attention to what he does right and compliment him.

When your husband feels like he is being understood, seen, and cared for as an individual who is by his most intimate partner, he will likely notice your efforts and want to reciprocate them too.

Bridge The Physical Divide

Hug your husband today. Give him another hug tomorrow. Do not underestimate the power of a hug.

Physical touch is necessary for intimacy in some marriages. Also, this might remind your husband of how much he cares for you as a human. He can touch and feel.

Learn To Support Each Other’s Dreams

Apart from your life together, you and your spouse are entitled to a life outside your marriage, like a career or anything you want to achieve in your lifetime.

Family should come first, of course, but at some point, you can compromise to help each other actualize your dreams.

Allow your husband to have a say in all critical decisions affecting your life. Involving each other in all areas of your lives helps you be on the same page.

This shows that their opinions matter and helps to build a strong marriage. Share your visions, dreams, and hopes with each other. Consider their view of your future together and work to enrich it.

You can offer to pick the kids up from school, do the laundry, or do anything you usually do not do. This should all be to assist your husband and show that you love and prioritize him and his dreams.

Romance Your Husband A Bit

Romance Your Husband A Bit

Sprinkle his day with a few sweet and thoughtful gestures. This will show you are paying attention to him and that you also prioritize whatever will make him feel happy and loved.

However, it would be best if you did not make a big show of these gestures. Subtly adding them to his day should be enough to make him feel like you still love and care for him the same way today as you did a year or a few years ago.

Try to bring back the flavor your relationship had in the early years of your marriage or during your courtship period. A little bit of romance can help you achieve this.

Show Him More Gratitude

If you used to complain about every small problem in your marriage, then it is high time you stopped and began to show more gratitude to your husband and everything in general.

Appreciation is another way of demonstrating genuine gratitude for the big and little things. Men often notice and appreciate this in the women they love, particularly the ones they are married to.

Appreciate each other. These are just a few of the many ways to show gratitude for the happy moments in your marriage.

Everyone hopes to share a positive outlook on life with their spouse for many years to come, and showing gratitude has helped many couples get there.

Smile A Little Bit More

Smiling is contagious, and resisting a woman with a sincere grin is difficult.

If you care about him, let him know and say it with a smile, then watch how fast he starts smiling back at you.

Learn To Forgive

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Your husband might get you offended or hurt your feelings. At this point, it is just essential that you deal with your emotions and move on.

Try to understand that disagreeing is normal, but this should not weaken your bond. Learn from your and your spouse’s mistakes, and work on being a better partner.

Be patient, and remember that you will need forgiveness one day too. Focus on the positive parts of your relationship with your husband.

Show More Interest In Him And His Activities

Show More Interest In Him And His Activities

Be a friend first and a lover later. Be his best friend and willingly listen to him with interest and enthusiasm.

One of the best ways to show that you care about your husband is by participating in at least one of his hobbies. You do not necessarily have to do that at every given opportunity.

Ask about his day, business, or close friends. Suggest that you both see his favorite movie or if he wants to go to the concert, his famous musician, even if you can barely hear them.

If you show more interest in his affairs (not in a way that makes it look like you are prying), even if it is just a couple of times, he will notice that you at least made a reasonable effort.

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Self-care

Make nurturing yourself a priority. It is great to appreciate how hard he works, but learn how to understand your effort.

The more you take care of yourself, the more energy you will have to dedicate to caring for, healing, and growing your relationship with your husband.

Show Him That You Respect Him.

It is said that when you treat him like a man, you will feel more like a woman. Respect your husband as your man.

Now that you know how to remind him how incredibly worth caring for you indeed are remember that no relationship is without its share of problems. Never forget that respect is reciprocal.

Learn To Listen To Your Husband

It is one thing to hear someone, and it is another thing to listen. Practice active listening when you’re around your husband.

This is also an excellent way to show that you respect him. His reaction toward your marriage might result from stress or anxiety, and something might also bother him. Whenever he talks, listen.

Ask open-minded questions and be a good listener. Everyone appreciates being heard.


Try Out Couples Counseling

It is not always advisable to bring in a third party to help a couple resolve their issues, but sometimes, it could be necessary. A third party, like a professional marriage counselor or therapist, can help you and your husband figure out what is wrong with your relationship and how to fix it.

Marriage counseling might be the best option if you and your partner are stuck. Through marriage counseling, you both can express your views and needs and negotiate changes together with the aid of a counselor.

Individual counseling can help you explore your needs and help you get unstuck in your relationship.

A few therapy sessions with a relationship counselor can help you find the intimacy and connection you and your husband might lack.

Find Better Ways To Resolve Your Conflicts

Do not let a disagreement about anything in your marriage drag on. Either you agree or agree to disagree and move along, but do not settle on the debate. Find something better to dwell on.

Remember to be realistic and accept that others have faults as you do. It would help if you also were willing to work on your relationship.


Problems occasionally arise in every marriage, but you can always work to improve your relationship with your husband. You can do your part to help prevent and minimize them.

What is important is that if your marriage is worth saving, you can rest assured you are doing everything you can to show that you care for your husband and fix your marriage before it is too late.

Never forget that you can shift your union to a more positive and loving place no matter how distant your husband seems.


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