Discover How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Husband

Discover How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Husband

A lot of marriages suffer from sexual intimacy, and it kills a lot of weddings and sometimes leads to infidelity. Go through this article attentively and discover how to be more sexually intimate with your husband.

Discover How To Be More Sexually Intimate With Your Husband

(Effective Tips)

1. Touch Each Other Affectionately

Offer to rub your partner’s shoulders or back. People often equate foreplay with sexual activity, but even if you are not a touchy-feely type, friendly contact may be a powerful method to express and rekindle emotion.

Prem advises trying to use a touch more frequently outside of the bedroom. “We are more touch-deprived than ever, especially right now.

Just touching for sex is not appropriate. Touch is used all day. While conversing or watching a movie while seated, touch. Pinkie fingertips or a little touch while you giggle at something, are acceptable. Holding hands or cuddling while walking or watching a movie is OK.”

You learn to read your partner’s body and reactions when touching them frequently. Who or what connects them, and they melt? Which of these tickles? Your comfort with each other’s bodies will increase due to all this knowledge, which promotes more intimacy during sex.

Touch Each Other Affectionately

2. Make Sex A Priority

Before watching TV or working makes your enthusiasm wane, create a romantic atmosphere. A light dinner, your favorite music, and a glass of wine can facilitate great sex.

Even if you are not the touchy-feely kind, developing physical affection and emotional sensitivity can support maintaining a robust and meaningful relationship.

The good news is that you can rekindle the spark you previously had by letting your spouse inspire you. Dr. Gottman reminds us that a marriage can be kept together by friendship.

3. Make Sex An Art

“We need to alter the way we view sex. We view sex as a science and seek for books or YouTube videos that will instruct us just how to behave. But sex is not a science; it is an art, “Prandhara Prem, M.A., a sex and relationship counselor, explains mpg.

“These suggestions are helpful, but it’s crucial not to try to apply them blindly. Accept that sex will always look different or may not be what you had in mind, and be open to experiencing it in many ways.”

Make Sex An Art

4. Try Tantric Sex

Another step to discovering how to be more sexually intimate with your husband is to try tantric sex.

Sex can occasionally be a little wham-bam. Let me introduce you to tantric sex, which is the exact opposite of that. It’s that kind of “souls-connecting” sex that is languid and drawn-out but also sounds incredibly seductive.

Tantric sex is something you’ve heard of before. Maybe you have a hazy idea that it has to do with extending a guy’s erection (which it does).

Tantric sex is a sexual philosophy that emphasizes the development of a strong spiritual bond between partners through breathwork, energy exchange, and slower kinds of contact.

Basic tantric concepts and methods can help anyone interested in intimate sex expand their toolkit of sexual activities.

5. Explore

It can be pretty intimate to come to this understanding jointly, even though it is beneficial to have already a concept of the type of stimulation you want or need to share with your partner.

“Consider how you may venture into a new recreational area. By reawakening your beginner’s mentality, experimenting with new fetishes, sex toys, or positions can be a terrific way to improve presence, ” says Dow.

“There are much too many and different ways that people can enjoy themselves for anyone to have really studied them all. I advise you to start a dialogue with your partner(s) about any potential novel interests they might have.”


6. Change Your Pattern

Maybe you’re being too aggressive or rejecting your partner. Do not criticize one another, and put an end to the “blame game.” To break up the power battle, shake things up.

As an illustration, distancers would wish to practice initiating sex more. Pursuers might look for subtle ways to say to their partner, “You’re sexy,” while avoiding criticism and requests for closer.

How do you build sexual tension?

  • By Teasing Him
    Utilize your mouth to attract attention: lick it, bite it, suck on ice or lollipops, or purse your lips. Even blowing a kiss can be seductive and heighten the sexual climax. While you dress, flash him, but don’t let him touch you. As he approaches, stoop down so he can view your cleavage.
  •  Tease Him Physically

    Pass him up the line. When standing in line or talking to one other, you “accidentally” bump into someone else. While no one else is around, gently squeeze him on the back of his arm, the side of his stomach, or behind his ass, giving him a pretty vengeful smile. I want his phone. Put it behind your back when he asks for it; when he does, tell him he must take it from you.
    If you walk by him in a hallway or room, brush your breasts on his arm or chest.Your butt should touch his groin as you crouch before him.Hold your hand against his chest after he has adjusted his jacket, shirt, or tie. Before pulling it away, dredge your fingers toward his crotch or pants.
  • Play A Game
    Making excuses for not giving in to desire and pleasure with each other is one technique to increase sexual tension, especially with an established partner. A sensual game is an ideal tool for this. Simple rules apply: your companion may observe but not touch. What do you do in the circumstances like these? You might be bathing, naked, or engaged in masturbation. You can strip tease him to make him angry (learn how).Consider going a step further and doing a lap dance. The client wouldn’t be allowed to touch a real stripper. You can follow suit.Last but not least, think about binding his hands so he can’t touch you.
  • Fantasize
    It’s a terrific idea to fantasize when masturbating and occasionally while having sex. In your fantasy, you can visualize any individual and are not even required to be a part of it! If you have romantic dreams about your partner, it could assist in heightening the sexual tension—at least on your end. You most likely did this after meeting someone you wanted to go into bed with or witnessing a sexy stranger. Fantasy is simple because there is already sexual tension present. Dreams only increase sexual tension. It’s a tasty cycle.Think of the sexual things you could do with your partner or husband the next time you are together. You can also reflect on past actions, which might be more straightforward.

7. Do Couple’s Masturbation

“An excellent approach to strengthening a relationship with a spouse is through mutual masturbation. Expressing so much of oneself to another requires a fair amount of Vulnerability.

Also, it gives both couples a chance to learn from one another about how, when, and where they want to be touched, “Anna Dow, LMFT, a certified therapist, explains.

In addition to being a hot way to be vulnerable and build trust, being explicit about how you like to get off can help your partner better understand your body. This confidence may make them feel more at ease, which can only deepen your sexual connection.

8. Take Things Slow

You might want to make things move more slowly. When speaking about your sexual desires and needs, slowing down may entail taking your time.

In a discussion about sex, certain people might need more consideration and tolerance. It may feel more comfortable after several conversations over time.

When you are engaged in sexual activity, you can also move more slowly. Instead of concentrating on the eventual result, such as getting an orgasm or acting in a certain way, try focusing on the here and now.

Sex is frequently enjoyable for both partners; thus, if a situation feels tense or frightening, it may be appropriate to stop and talk. A couples therapist might be helpful if you’re having trouble raising this.

9. Avoid Distractions

It may seem alluring to get sidetracked during sex when so much is happening in the outside world.

It might be easier for you and your spouse to concentrate on each other if you put your phone away, turn off your notifications, and confine your pets to another room.

Allowing yourself to become sidetracked might hinder your partner’s enjoyment of the moment and irritate you, so pay attention to eye contact, their wants, and your feelings.

Avoid Distractions

10. Practice Vulnerability

Many techniques can be used to demonstrate Vulnerability. Sometimes you must be vulnerable to express your sexual desire to your spouse.

Each person’s Vulnerability could manifest differently. It might include saying “I love you” during sex for one person, while it might entail being completely undressed or having the lights on for another.

It might be terrifying to feel exposed. Yet, doing so can help partners establish trust and keep themselves from shutting down or growing apart. Sex therapy may be helpful if your body issues or past trauma prevent you from being vulnerable.


If you wish to increase love and intimacy in your relationship or have concerns about sexual intimacy, consider the advice above. Familiarity is vital in a marriage, and it should not be overlooked.

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