Why am i tired around my boyfriend

Why am i tired around my boyfriend

Do you feel like your body automatically turns off whenever you are around your boyfriend? Does it often happen, and you have been asking yourself, “why am I tired around my boyfriend?”

Maybe you love to sleep, or the special connection makes you feel relaxed or at peace around your boyfriend.

Why am I tired around my boyfriend? -13 Strong Explanations

Sometimes there may be more to this than just sheer exhaustion. One of the most common reasons people feel tired around their partners is that they feel comfortable and safe around them. The feeling of security often makes people feel relaxed.

The following are some reasons for being tired or bored around your boyfriend:


You Have Been A Couple For A While

You Have Been A Couple For A While

If you have been together for a while, it should not be shocking that you might feel more exhausted around your boyfriend than usual. With time the newness of a relationship can begin to wear off, and you might start to feel more like friends than lovers, and there might not be time and space to make new memories.

It’s essential to keep that glint alive in your relationship by trying to keep things fresh. Find out something you both can engage in when your conversations run dry.


You Both Spend All Your Time Together

In a relationship where both partners spend their time together, they may lack the necessary rest and change from being alone or having some personal, quiet time. This can lead one or both of you to feel bored or tired around each other.

It’s important to maintain connections outside your relationship’s context so that they will be there for you to fall back on if the relationship gets tough.

Maybe You Have Concealed Trauma

Everyone had very different experiences while growing up, including traumas that occurred.

Any trauma one experiences hurt and prospectively misdirects you in life. It’s vital to address it and to take it seriously. Knowing this through therapy can be a big step forward, but it doesn’t mean you have overcome it entirely. It is enough to know how to handle it.The Relationship Is Weighing You Down

The Relationship Is Weighing You Down

Sometimes all the drama and headaches in the relationship can make you feel bored around your boyfriend, which can also make you feel tired most times. Sleep is the natural side effect if you constantly struggle for nothing and no longer enjoy speaking with your boyfriend.

So if your relationship is full of fights and arguments, you may be tired because you can’t take it anymore. You might be sleeping to escape the situation while hoping for a better moment when you wake up.


You Might Be Avoiding Certain Conversations

Some people have past lives that they might find difficult to discuss with their partners. It could also be conversations about the future, spiritual beliefs, or lifestyle.

To avoid all these, one can go to sleep because one wants to talk about it and also try to delay informing your boyfriend that you do not want to talk about it.

You might want to break up but don’t know how to start the conversation. Sleeping, for some people, is sometimes the best way to avoid specific discussions, and sometimes it can help ease the pain you are going through.

If you guys are about to break up, you might subconsciously try to avoid saying the “final goodbye.” When the relationship is no longer working for you, and you wish to end it but don’t know how to face him or all the pains and tears that come with it. You might have to close your eyes and move to the other side. It might be better that way for you, but it does not last forever.


Your Boyfriend Makes You Emotionally Exhausted

Your Boyfriend Makes You Emotionally Exhausted

Relationships involve a lot of hard work and commitment, but sometimes you find yourself in a relationship that feels like emotional labour. When we are constantly around someone in ways that are not healthy, it might leave us emotionally tired.

Drama and neediness are one of the main characteristics of mentally exhausting relationships. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to talk to your boyfriend about how you feel.


The Whole Relationship Idea Might Be New To You

Being new in a relationship is quite exciting at the same time. It feels tiring for some people because they are trying hard to get used to it. If you are in a new relationship, there is a possibility that you are not yet used to it.

It takes time for some people to get familiar with being with someone else, and the process can be exhausting. You have to give yourself a period to improve or settle; with time, everything will normalize.


You Might Be Annoyed At Your Boyfriend

You Might Be Annoyed At Your Boyfriend

Sleep can sometimes be a quick solution when you are annoyed at your boyfriend, especially if you ignore him.

Instead of fighting with your boyfriend or opening up about what is bothering you, you take a nap to avoid his presence or calls to avoid the whole moment so you won’t screw things up in your relationship.

You Are Trying To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Sometimes you can be so tired around your boyfriend because you are subconsciously trying to be the perfect girlfriend. You are always making sure that he is happy and that you are doing everything right. You consistently keep looking out for ways to do better.

You always bother yourself over new things to do and ways to make the relationship better; this can be tiring. Every boyfriend wants the best version of their girlfriend, but you should remember that he wants you not just for who you are trying to be but for who you are.

He will appreciate you being yourself if he truly loves you, the best version of yourself, and not any idealized version, which does not count.

So always relax and take a break from trying to be perfect. You will be happier if you enjoy each other’s company and let your relationship go on naturally.

Your Boyfriend Does Not Challenge You Enough

When you are with someone who doesn’t challenge or stimulate you, it can leave you bored or tired. When we are bored, our minds tend to stray more than when we engage ourselves in one activity or the other.

So if you feel bored around your boyfriend most of the time, it may be because you do not have enough to talk about or you do not have enough activities to do together.

You Have A Lot Of Things To Take Care Of

You Have A Lot Of Things To Take Care Of

When you have many activities to take care of, it becomes hard to get everything done. You feel more tired because you have a lot on your plate. Work, school, family, friends, and relationships can make you feel exhausted.

You Might Be Getting Too Comfortable

Sometimes, relationships get to the stage where you like someone so much that you start feeling like they are now a part of you, and subconsciously, you start taking them for granted. Then you begin to become self-satisfied and indifferent.

Your tiredness around your boyfriend is now an apparent evident offshoot of being too comfortable with them. You enjoy holding their hands and feel safe with them, but you are also so pleased that you do not appreciate it as much as you did before.

You cuddle and drift off or nap in the daytime because you are too familiar with the presence of your boyfriend. The fascination of the “chase” might fade away, and everything begins to feel tamed.


When you are in a comfortable relationship with someone, it’s easy to relax around them and let your guard down.

Being in a comfortable relationship with someone makes it easy to relax around them, and you don’t have to worry about impressing them and putting on a show. So you have to be yourself. But sometimes being relaxed can lead to or become boredom or self-satisfaction because you are not disbursing as much energy on being alert. This might be another reason you feel tired around your boyfriend.


You Might Be Unhappy In Your Relationship

If you are in an unhappy relationship, you may likely feel bored and tired around your boyfriend. Our minds are constantly filled with thoughts of our partner and the relationship.

You might find it very difficult to get rid of thoughts and ideas about your boyfriend. This is enough to make you feel lonely and tired.


Being in a comfortable relationship with someone makes it easy to relax around them, and you do not have to worry about impressing them and putting on a show.

Even at that, being relaxed can lead to boredom because you are not disbursing or receiving enough energy to keep you alert. This might be another reason you feel tired around your boyfriend.

You can try to look for ways to keep your relationship exciting, explore and be open to new habits.


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