Which 90 day Fiancé Couples Are Not Together

Which 90 day Fiancé Couples Are Not Together

“90 Day Fiancé,” the immensely popular reality TV show, has captured the hearts and curiosity of viewers worldwide. As we get invested in the whirlwind romances and cultural clashes, there’s a lingering question on everyone’s minds: What happened to those couples once the cameras stopped rolling? This article delves into “Which 90 day Fiancé Couples Are Not Together” intricacies of relationships showcased on the show, shedding light on which couples didn’t manage to make their love last.

Which 90 day Fiancé Couples Are Not Together

Navigating a relationship is challenging enough, but when you add cultural differences, language barriers, and the pressure of a 90-day deadline, the challenges can become overwhelming. Many couples on the show face a multitude of issues that contribute to their eventual separation.

1. Angela and Michael

One of the most talked-about couples, Angela and Michael, faced a significant age gap and differing life goals. Angela’s desire for children clashed with Michael’s preference for a child-free life. Trust and jealousy issues further strained their bond, ultimately leading to their breakup.

2. Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa’s relationship was marred by conflicts with Colt’s mother and Larissa’s struggle to adapt to life in a new country. Domestic violence accusations also cast a shadow over their relationship, resulting in their eventual separation.

3. Paul and Karine

Paul and Karine’s relationship was hindered by the language barrier and financial struggles. Their communication difficulties often led to misunderstandings and frustration, which ultimately took a toll on their relationship.

4. Jorge and Anfisa

Materialistic conflicts played a central role in Jorge and Anfisa’s breakup. Anfisa’s desire for a lavish lifestyle clashed with Jorge’s financial limitations. Additionally, Jorge’s legal troubles added further strain to their already rocky relationship.

5. Avery and Ash

Avery and Ash faced the challenges of a long-distance relationship while dealing with parenting responsibilities from previous marriages. Their differing values and personal growth journeys contributed to their eventual decision to part ways.

6. Lisa and Usman

Lisa and Usman’s relationship was marked by significant age differences and trust issues. Cultural clashes with family and friends further strained their bond, eventually leading to their breakup.

Couples Who Stayed Together

1. Loren and Alexei

Loren and Alexei managed to overcome the odds, primarily due to their shared values and unwavering support for one another. Their journey into parenthood further solidified their bond, and they continue to thrive as a couple.

2. Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship survived despite their initial cultural differences. They learned to compromise and communicate effectively, leading to personal growth and a strong family unit.

Impact of Fame and Reality TV

The allure of fame and the pressures of being in the public eye often contribute to the breakdown of relationships. Couples may struggle to navigate the newfound attention, leading to strain on their already fragile bonds.


The couples of “90 Day Fiancé” face a unique set of challenges that test the foundation of their relationships. From cultural clashes to long-distance struggles, the show sheds light on the complexities of love and commitment. While some couples find their happily-ever-after, others learn that the path to love isn’t always straightforward.


1. What is the success rate of couples on “90 Day Fiancé”? The success rate varies, with some couples making their relationships work while others face challenges leading to separation.

2. Have any couples from the show gone on to have successful marriages? Yes, there are success stories of couples who have managed to build strong marriages after their time on the show.

3. How does the show depict the challenges faced by couples due to cultural differences? The show often highlights the cultural clashes and misunderstandings that arise due to differing backgrounds, shedding light on the need for understanding and compromise.

4. Is the drama on the show real or scripted for entertainment? While some aspects may be exaggerated for entertainment, the emotions and challenges faced by the couples are generally real.

5. Are there any success stories of couples who broke up on the show but got back together later? While it’s not common, there have been instances of couples reconciling and giving their relationship a second chance after the show’s conclusion.

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