Can I Request Marriage Counseling During Divorce

Can I Request Marriage Counseling During Divorce?

Marriage counseling during divorce can be a complex decision. This article delves into the role of counseling during divorce, considerations for seeking counseling, how to make the request, and the legal implications of counseling during the divorce process.

Can I Request Marriage Counseling During Divorce? 

Marriage counseling during divorce can provide couples with an opportunity to address unresolved issues, work through emotions, and find closure.

Considering Marriage Counseling In The Divorce Process

Exploring The Benefits Of Counseling

Marriage counseling can help couples gain closure, achieve emotional healing, and foster a more amicable divorce process.

Assessing Readiness For Counseling

Consider whether both partners are emotionally ready and willing to engage in counseling during the divorce.

Mutual Agreement For Counseling

Mutual agreement and willingness to participate in counseling are essential for the process to be effective.

Seeking Professional Advice

Consulting With Attorneys

Consult with your respective attorneys to understand how counseling might impact the divorce proceedings.

Seeking Counselor Recommendations

Seek recommendations for marriage counselors experienced in working with couples during divorce.

Understanding Legal Implications

Understand any legal implications that counseling may have on the divorce process.

Making The Request For Marriage Counseling

Open Communication With Your Spouse

Initiate open communication with your spouse about the possibility of seeking marriage counseling.

Expressing The Intent To Seek Counseling

Clearly express your intent to pursue counseling as a means of achieving emotional closure and working together amicably.

Navigating Partner’s Response

Be prepared for various responses from your spouse, and be open to discussing their concerns.

Participating In Counseling During Divorce

Understanding Counseling Goals

Define specific counseling goals, such as achieving closure, improving communication, or co-parenting effectively.

Separating Emotions And Legal Matters

Work on separating emotional issues from the legal aspects of the divorce during counseling.

Focusing On Co-Parenting, If Applicable

If children are involved, focus on improving communication and cooperation as co-parents.

Exploring Individual Growth

Use counseling as an opportunity for individual growth and personal healing during the divorce process.

Legal Considerations and Impact

Effect On Divorce Proceedings

Understand how counseling may impact decisions related to child custody, support, and property division.

Confidentiality Of Counseling Sessions

Ensure that the information discussed in counseling remains confidential and does not become admissible in court.

Counselor’s Role In The Legal Process

Clarify the counselor’s role in providing information or testimony during legal proceedings.


Seeking marriage counseling during divorce is a personal decision that requires careful consideration and mutual agreement. It can offer emotional healing, promote cooperation, and lead to a more positive divorce process. By understanding the implications and being open to growth, couples can find closure and move forward positively.


Can I request marriage counseling during divorce proceedings?

Yes, you can. Many couples find counseling helpful even when going through a divorce to better understand their feelings and improve communication.

Is marriage counseling during divorce effective?

It can be. While it may not save the marriage, it can help both parties cope with the emotional challenges and facilitate a smoother divorce process.

Should both spouses agree to counseling during divorce?

Ideally, both should be willing, but it’s possible for one party to seek counseling independently. However, cooperation often leads to more positive outcomes.

Can marriage counseling delay the divorce process?

It can extend the timeline slightly, but it depends on the individuals and their progress in counseling. It may help resolve issues faster or lead to an amicable divorce.

Will counseling impact the legal aspects of divorce?

Marriage counseling typically doesn’t directly affect legal proceedings. However, it may influence decisions related to child custody and support, depending on the outcomes. It’s essential to consult with your attorney about this.

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