What To Wear To Couples Shower. 10 Powerful Guidelines

What To Wear To Couples Shower

Couples showers are a delightful celebration of love and commitment, where friends and family come together to honor both members of a couple. These events provide a unique opportunity to show your style and join in the joy of the soon-to-be-wed couple. However, deciding what to wear to couples shower can sometimes be a bit perplexing, especially if you’re unsure about the dress code or theme. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of choosing the perfect outfit for a couples shower, ensuring you look and feel your best.

What To Wear To Couples Shower. 

What to wear to a couples’ shower can vary depending on the theme, location, and formality of the event. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose an appropriate outfit:

1. Consider the Invitation

Check the invitation for any dress code or theme information. This will give you clues about the expected attire.

2. Semi-Formal or Casual

Couples’ showers often lean towards the semi-formal or casual side, so you don’t need to wear a formal gown or tuxedo. Instead, opt for a stylish and comfortable outfit.

3. Coordinate with Your Partner

If you’re attending with your significant other, consider coordinating your outfits. This doesn’t mean wearing matching clothes, but you can choose complementary colors or styles.

4.  Dress for the Season

Take the season into account when choosing your outfit. Lighter fabrics and brighter colors are generally more suitable for spring and summer, while darker and warmer options work well for fall and winter.

5. Dresses for Women

Women can opt for a sundress, a cocktail dress, a maxi dress, or a stylish jumpsuit. Make sure your choice aligns with the formality of the event.

6. Suits or Dressy Casual for Men

Men can wear a suit or dress slacks paired with a dress shirt and tie. For a more casual event, you can go with dressy jeans and a blazer or a nice polo shirt.

7. Footwear

Choose comfortable shoes that complement your outfit and the venue. For outdoor events, consider flats or wedges for women and casual leather shoes or loafers for men.

8. Accessories

Add accessories like jewelry, belts, or a stylish hat to complete your look, but avoid going overboard. Less is often more when it comes to accessories.

9. Consider the Theme

If the couples’ shower has a specific theme, such as a beach or garden party, consider incorporating elements of the theme into your outfit without going overboard. For example, floral prints for a garden theme or nautical colors for a beach theme.

10. Be Mindful of the Hosts’ Preferences

If you know the hosts well, you can also consider their personal style and preferences when choosing your outfit.

Remember that the key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. If in doubt, it’s better to slightly overdress than underdress for the occasion. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the hosts or other guests for guidance if you’re unsure about the appropriate attire.

Choosing The Right Attire

1. Dress Code

The first step in determining what to wear to a couples shower is to decipher the dress code. Is it casual, semi-formal, or formal? Understanding the expected attire will make your outfit selection much smoother.

2. Theme Considerations

Couples showers often come with themes. Take into account the theme, if any, to align your outfit with the event’s ambiance.

For Women

1. Outfit Ideas

For women, there’s a wide array of options, from sundresses to jumpsuits. We’ll explore some trendy ideas that strike the right balance between style and comfort.

2. Footwear

Selecting the appropriate footwear can make or break your outfit. Let’s discuss choices that blend well with your chosen attire.

3. Accessories

Accessories can elevate your look. Discover how to pick the right jewelry and other accessories to complete your ensemble.

For Men

1. Outfit Ideas

Men can also showcase their fashion sense at couples showers. We’ll delve into some dapper outfit ideas tailored to different dress codes.

2. Footwear

Find out which shoes pair seamlessly with your outfit choices, ensuring you’re both stylish and comfortable.

3. Accessories

Explore the world of men’s accessories, including ties, belts, and watches, to add that extra flair to your attire.

Coordinating Outfits (Match or Complement?)

Whether a couple should wear matching or complementary outfits during a couples’ shower largely depends on their personal preferences and the theme or dress code of the event. Here are some considerations for both options:

Matching Outfits

1. Fun and Playful

Wearing matching outfits can be a fun and playful way for couples to showcase their togetherness and unity.

2. Themed Events

If the couples’ shower has a specific theme or requires matching attire, then coordinating outfits may be appropriate.

3. Visual Impact

Matching outfits can make a statement and create a strong visual impact, which can be great for photos.

Complementary Outfits

1. Individual Style

Couples might prefer to maintain their individual styles and personalities by wearing complementary outfits that go well together but aren’t identical.

2. Comfort

Complementary outfits can also allow each person to choose clothing that they feel comfortable and confident in.

3. Versatility

Complementary outfits can be more versatile for future wear, as the pieces can be mixed and matched with other items in their wardrobes.

Don’t Forget Groom-to-be and Bride-to-be

1. Special Outfit Considerations

A couple’s shower, also known as a co-ed or joint shower, is a celebration where both the bride and groom are honored together. When it comes to choosing a special outfit for the bride-to-be for a couple’s shower, it should reflect her personal style, the theme of the shower (if there is one), and the level of formality of the event. Here are some outfit ideas for the bride-to-be:

2. White Dress

A classic choice for a bride-to-be is a white or ivory dress. It can be a casual sundress, a boho maxi dress, or a more formal cocktail dress, depending on the theme and formality of the shower.

3. Bridal Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits can be a stylish and comfortable option. Look for one with lace details, a cinched waist, or other bridal-inspired elements.

4. Themed Attire

If the couple’s shower has a specific theme (e.g., Hawaiian luau, vintage, rustic), consider dressing to match the theme. This can add a fun and memorable element to the event.

5. Floral Dress

A floral print dress can be a lovely choice, especially for a spring or summer shower. Floral patterns can bring a vibrant and celebratory vibe to the occasion.

6. Customized Apparel

Some brides-to-be like to wear customized clothing that announces their status. A “Bride-to-Be” sash, T-shirt, or robe can be a fun and playful choice.

7. Casual Chic

If the couple’s shower is more laid-back and casual, you can opt for a stylish and comfortable outfit like a romper, casual sundress, or jeans paired with a cute top.

8. Something Blue

Incorporate the “something blue” tradition by adding a touch of blue to your outfit, such as blue shoes, a blue sash, or blue accessories.

9. Lingerie

If the couple’s shower is more intimate or if it’s a lingerie-themed shower, consider wearing a special bridal lingerie set under your outfit. You can reveal it as part of the festivities if you feel comfortable doing so.

Remember to coordinate your outfit with the groom-to-be so that you both look great together. Ultimately, the most important thing is that the bride-to-be feels comfortable and confident in her chosen outfit for the couple’s shower.

What Not to Wear

1. Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

Avoid common fashion mistakes that could leave you feeling out of place at the couples shower.

2. Respect the Host’s Wishes

Always respect the host’s wishes regarding attire. They may have specific expectations or requests.

Shopping Tips

A couple’s shower, often referred to as a coed shower, is a fun and inclusive way to celebrate a wedding or special occasion with both the bride and groom and their friends and family. If you’re planning a couple’s shower and need shopping tips, here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Invitations and Decorations

Look for invitations that reflect the theme or style of the shower. You can find customizable options online or at stationery stores.
Consider decorations that are gender-neutral or incorporate both the bride and groom’s interests or hobbies.

2. Food and Drinks

Plan a menu that includes a variety of options to cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions.
If it’s a casual affair, consider a buffet or food stations for easy serving.
Don’t forget beverages. Offer a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to accommodate all guests.

3. Gifts and Registry

Ensure the couple has created a registry with a mix of items they both need and want.
Include a variety of price points on the registry to accommodate different budgets.
If guests prefer not to shop from the registry, suggest some thoughtful and practical gift ideas that suit the couple’s taste and lifestyle.

4. Games and Entertainment

If you plan on having games or activities, make a list of the necessary supplies.
Games like “Mr. and Mrs.” quizzes or “The Newlywed Game” can be a lot of fun.
Ensure you have a sound system if you plan to play music or have a speaker for announcements.

5. Favors and Prizes

Consider small party favors for guests as a token of appreciation.
If you have games, prepare prizes for the winners.

6. Tableware and Serving Items

Purchase disposable or reusable tableware and serving items based on the theme and formality of the event.

7. Themed Items:

Depending on the theme of the shower, you may want to shop for special items, like costumes, props, or decorations that fit the theme.

8. Gift Wrapping Supplies

Buy gift wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags for wrapping the gifts guests bring.

9. Thank-You Cards

Purchase thank-you cards that match the theme or style of the event so the couple can express their gratitude to the guests.

10. Cleanup Supplies

Have trash bags, cleaning supplies, and recycling bins on hand for easy cleanup after the event.

11. Photography and Memory-Making

If you’re capturing memories with photographs, ensure you have a camera or smartphone with enough storage, or hire a photographer.

12. Emergency Kit

Put together a small emergency kit with items like band-aids, stain remover, and safety pins in case of unexpected mishaps.
Remember to keep the couple’s preferences and personalities in mind when shopping and planning the shower. A couple’s shower should be a reflection of their tastes and a celebration of their love and partnership.

13. Budget-Friendly Options

Attending a couple’s shower is an exciting event, and you can find budget-friendly options that are stylish and appropriate for the occasion. The key is to be creative and look for deals while keeping comfort and the dress code in mind. Here are some budget-friendly outfit ideas for a couple’s shower:

14. Casual Outfit

Men: Pair dark jeans or khakis with a solid-colored button-down shirt. You can find affordable options at stores like H&M, Old Navy, or thrift shops.
Women: Opt for a comfortable sundress, maxi dress, or a pair of high-waisted jeans with a stylish blouse. Discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx often have affordable clothing options.

15. Mix and Match

Both men and women can mix and match clothing items they already own. Combining different pieces can create a stylish and unique look without spending money on a whole new outfit.

16. Thrift Shopping

Visit thrift stores or consignment shops in your area. You can often find unique and stylish clothing items at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

17. Borrow from Friends

Ask friends if they have any suitable clothing items you can borrow. This is a cost-effective way to freshen up your wardrobe for the event.

18. Online Discounts and Sales

Look for online sales and discounts on clothing websites. Websites like ASOS, Boohoo, and Shein often offer budget-friendly options.

19. Accessorize

Elevate a simple outfit with accessories. Adding a statement necklace, scarf, or belt can make a basic outfit more stylish.

20. DIY

Get creative and customize your outfit. You can paint or decorate a plain t-shirt or create your own accessories like earrings or a headband.

21. Check Secondhand Apps

Apps like Poshmark and Depop allow you to buy secondhand clothing from individuals. You can often find high-quality, gently-used clothing at a fraction of the original price.

22. Discount Stores

Stores like Walmart and Target offer affordable clothing options for both men and women. Look for items on clearance racks for extra savings.

23. Rent an Outfit

Consider renting an outfit for the occasion from platforms like Rent the Runway or HURR Collective, which offer a variety of clothing options for rent at a fraction of the purchase price.
Remember that the key to a budget-friendly outfit is to prioritize comfort and style that suits the event’s dress code. With a little creativity and some smart shopping, you can look great without breaking the bank.

24. Sustainable Fashion

Consider making environmentally conscious fashion choices while shopping for your couples shower attire.

Getting Ready

1. Hair and Makeup Tips

Complete your look with the right hairstyle and makeup that suits the occasion.

2. Grooming Advice

Grooming is crucial for both men and women. Learn how to ensure you look your best on the big day.

Other Essential Tips

1. Dress Comfortably

Comfort should never be compromised. Discover how to strike a balance between style and comfort.
Dressing comfortably for a couple shower is important to ensure you can enjoy the event without feeling self-conscious or restricted by your outfit. Here are some tips on how to dress comfortably for a couple shower:

2. Check the Invitation

Review the invitation for any specific dress code or theme mentioned by the hosts. This will give you a starting point for your outfit choices.

3. Casual Attire

Most couple showers tend to be more relaxed and informal than traditional wedding showers or formal events. Casual attire is usually appropriate. Consider wearing comfortable, everyday clothing.

4. Weather Considerations

Take into account the weather and location of the event. If it’s outdoors or during a particular season, choose clothing appropriate for the conditions. Layering is often a good idea to adapt to changing weather.

5. Comfortable Fabrics

Choose fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. Cotton, linen, and jersey materials are often great options. Avoid fabrics that may be too stiff or constricting.

6. Mix and Match

Consider mixing and matching separates to create a comfortable yet stylish look. For example, pair a comfortable pair of jeans or khakis with a casual blouse or button-down shirt.

7. Footwear

Opt for comfortable shoes, such as sneakers, loafers, or sandals, depending on the setting and the weather. If the event has a more casual vibe, you can even wear stylish sneakers.

8. Dress for the Theme

If there is a specific theme for the couple shower, try to incorporate it into your outfit without sacrificing comfort. For example, if it’s a beach-themed shower, wear casual beach attire.

9. Avoid Overdressing

While it’s essential to look presentable, avoid overdressing if the event is casual. You don’t want to feel out of place or uncomfortable in an overly formal outfit.

10. Personal Style

Don’t forget to incorporate your personal style into your outfit. You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time by choosing clothing that reflects your taste.

11. Accessories

Keep your accessories minimal if comfort is a priority. Simple jewelry and a small handbag or clutch can complement your outfit without being cumbersome.

12. Comfortable Undergarments

Don’t forget about comfortable undergarments that won’t cause discomfort throughout the event.

13. Be Prepared

If the event involves games or activities, ensure your outfit allows for movement and participation without any restrictions.

Remember that the most important thing is to feel at ease and enjoy the celebration. By choosing comfortable clothing that suits the occasion, you’ll be able to do just that.


In the beautiful celebration of love that is a couples shower, your attire should reflect the joyous occasion. With the right outfit and thoughtful consideration, you’ll not only look your best but also contribute to the festive atmosphere.


1. Should I match my outfit with my partner’s at a couples shower?  Matching or complementing outfits is a personal choice. It can add a unique touch to the event but is not mandatory.

2. What if there’s no specified dress code for the couples shower? In the absence of a dress code, it’s best to aim for a smart-casual look, which is versatile and appropriate for most occasions.

3. Can I wear jeans to a couples shower? It depends on the dress code and theme. In many cases, well-fitted, dark jeans can be suitable for a casual or semi-formal couples shower.

4. Is it essential to follow the event’s theme when choosing my outfit? While following the theme can be fun and add to the atmosphere, it’s not always necessary. You can choose an outfit that aligns with the dress code even if it doesn’t perfectly match the theme.

5. What should I do if I accidentally wear something that offends someone at the couples shower?If you unintentionally offend someone with your outfit, apologize sincerely and consider changing if it’s feasible. It’s important to prioritize respect and harmony.

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