Why Am I Obsessed with My Daughter’s Relationship?

Why Am I Obsessed with My Daughter's Relationship?

It has been garnered from the underground research on the subject of discourse “Why Am I Obsessed with My Daughter’s Relationship?”. 

The outcome of the study indicated that your past experiences in life would always make you very mindful of your daughter’s relationship so that she wouldn’t fall victim to any issue that relationship is capable of birthing.

And to avoid the ugly experiences you faced when you were her age.

Hence, you wouldn’t just want her to have such an experience because she is your biological progeny and nothing more pretentious.

This article discusses some possible reasons you tend to be Obsessed with your daughter’s relationship. 

This thoughtful inquiry might ring somewhat less reasonable, especially in today’s contemporary world where the youths, or the teenagers, almost always tend to act most independently in their relationships.

 Children need to enhance avenues for a rethink regarding why parents should be in integrality of their affairs.


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Why Am I Obsessed with My Daughter’s Relationship? – 3 Reasons why you need to know

1. Your love for your daughter

The chief reason you feel obsessed with your daughter’s relationship is your pure love for her, and it is your love for her gets you preoccupied with thoughts of your daughter’s affairs.

2. The standard you’ve set for yourself

One of the indices that tend to put you obsessed with your daughter’s affairs is a high standard of disciplinary measures that you have established long ago in you as a human person. 

Every disciplinal parent will do anything and everything to keep the daughter away from any relationship that would end up bringing harm to the family and thereby degrading the excellent name of the family.

3. To counsel accordingly

It is safer for parents to be fully aware of their daughter’s relationship and not to be highly obsessed. You, as the parents, should at all times serve as a counsel to the girl since you have had more than enough exposure to life and relationships. Hence, you would better influence the girl to live morally, even in a relationship.

Why you should limit your concerns

Moreso, it is pointless for you to be preoccupied with thoughts about your daughter’s relationship. Relationships and feelings are natural phenomena that are embedded in every human being. It cannot be uprooted from the man though the guardians of the damsel can control it to see that such a relationship bears good fruits in the end.

Regardless of your pure love for your daughter, it is still entirely unnecessary for you to be dominated by thoughts of your daughter’s relationship with one another or her boyfriend. You should always try as much as possible to groom and talk sense into the girl child and give the child proper parental sex education beforehand. Among other life-changing contents and insights, it will mold the girl child into becoming a more responsible individual in society. Being obsessed alone isn’t enough to make her a better person. Give her your words of wisdom!


3 Ways to Stay out of Your Daughters Relationship

3 Ways to Stay out of Your Daughter’s Relationship:

It is not so difficult to stay out of your daughter’s affairs. You will stay out of your daughter’s relationship by;

1. Letting your daughter be independent

By, Letting her live independently as the adult that she is, all you have to do is to sensitize her that she is responsible for her life.

2. Enlighten her about sex education

You also have to enlighten her with some insight about sex education and other good teachings that will keep her sojourn in the relationship.

3. Understand that your daughter loves her boyfriend

Nevertheless, while scouting for possible ways to stay out of your daughter’s relationship, it is also pertinent for you, especially the mother, to see that the relationship is not a living hell for the daughter. It is because only some relationships lead to marriage, as many parents would think. Some relationships are compelling and can ruin the girl’s future if proper counseling is withheld from the girl child.

Therefore, you should instead step out a bit of your daughter’s relationship and not solely out of it since the girl is still a child.


My Daughter is Obsessed with Her Boyfriend

My Daughter is Obsessed with Her Boyfriend:

Love is always beautiful, especially when the lovers are faithful to each other and nothing pretentious. But the bitter truth is that it is not suitable for your daughter to be obsessed with her boyfriend.

It is highly holy for you as the parents to engineer some controllable measures to minimize the daughter’s emotions with the boyfriend. When the level of emotions on the girl’s part is higher than that of the boyfriend, it would be for granted, and vice versa. It is often very destructive to the future of the girl child than the counterpart.

Therefore, it is safer for the girl child to control her emotions and be obsessed with her boyfriend.

Should I Interfere with My Daughter’s Relationship?

Yes! You should always try and interfere with your daughter’s relationship.

The interference should only be carried out positively and should be for the possible promotion of the relationship, not its relegations.

You, as the parents of the girl Juliet and the parents of the boy Romeo should always make a timely interference with the relationship to help and build it up for the betterment of the lovers.

Is it okay to be concerned about her relationship?

Yes, It is. The primary reason you are so obsessed with your daughter’s relationship is basically because of the love you have for her as your daughter. And it is always good to be on the watch for her while she maintains the relationship.

However, the good thing is that the two lovers are adults and very sensible enough to know that they will always be responsible for their actions and inactions in the relationship.

Therefore, it is pivotal for you as the parents of the girl child to be mindful of every step taken by the damsel. You only have to direct her path so that she will not get derailed from the right way, thereby becoming a victim of love. Man is a relationship animal, and she cannot do without it. So, as parents, you must right-track them at all times rather than being too obsessed with their affairs.


Final Thoughts

You are not a bad parent for showing concern about your child’s relationship; as a matter of fact, you should be concerned. Your worries should not be seen in your child having a love interest but in the values surrounding that relationship.

You should be concerned about the healthiness of your daughter’s relationship.

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