Should i tell my friend her boyfriend hit on me

Should i tell my friend her boyfriend hit on me

“Should i tell my friend her boyfriend hit on me,” It can be challenging to know what to do when your friend’s boyfriend hits you? 

It can be tricky, and it’s essential to think carefully before deciding how to handle it.

Should i tell my friend her boyfriend hit on me? – 9 Steps to take

If your friend’s boyfriend is unfaithful, it’s essential to consider the implications.

It’s also possible that she won’t believe you or will be in denial about her boyfriend’s behavior.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that your friend deserves to know the truth. 

If her boyfriend hits on her, he’s likely doing the same to other people. It’s essential to be honest with your friend and let her know what happened.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to approach this situation, and how to tell your friend her boyfriend hit on you.

Are you looking for the perfect way to talk to your friend about her boyfriend hitting on you? Try these steps:

1) Focus On The Facts

When telling your friend about her boyfriend hitting on you, it’s essential to focus on the facts. Don’t embellish the story or make assumptions about his intentions. Stick to the facts and be as honest as possible.

It’s also important to be respectful and understanding. Your friend is likely to be upset and emotional, so it’s essential to be supportive and understanding.

You should be friendly, honest, and careful about what you say, but you must let her know that the flirtation has continued. 

Find some time to sit with her one-on-one and give her an account of her boyfriend’s actions, how you responded to him or asked him to stop, and how that made you feel uncomfortable.

Have The Conversation At Her Place

2) Have The Conversation At Her Place

This is a rule of thumb when you’re sending bad news — and believe us, this news will shock your friend. 

You may need to break things or cry and be in an environment where you feel comfortable enough to do so. 

Please don’t bring it up when you two are working hard or at the club!

3) Express Your Surprise That The Situation Occurred

“You are such an amazing girlfriend. Anyone would feel so lucky to have you on their arm” is a perfect starter for this type of conversation. 

It reassures your girlfriend that she didn’t do anything to make her boyfriend distract from her and put the blame right where it belongs — on her boyfriend’s shoulders.

Provide Clear Examples Of When Her Boyfriend Acted Inappropriately

4) Provide Clear Examples Of When Her Boyfriend Acted Inappropriately

Unfortunately, feeling the double intentions of her man is not enough. You must present concrete evidence on the table.

Your girlfriend will want to know exactly what happened between you and her boyfriend. 

If it takes a while for you to say something, she may become suspicious of your accusations and think you are trying to break them up. 

Have the evidence — Facebook messages, texts, emails — ready. 

If he did something at a party, be as descriptive as possible when you remember the event without being hurtful.

You could say, “I care about you and our friendship, but I want to talk to you about Sam again.” 

He’ll touch my hair, flirt with me when you’re not around, and make sexually inappropriate comments. 

I tried to let it go, but he kept doing it, So I decided to talk to him about it. 

I’ve told him to stop several times and tried to get away from him, but he keeps doing it, and I’m uncomfortable. 

I’m sorry if this hurts you, but I just wanted you to know.”

Avoid saying anything judgmental, such as, “Your boyfriend is scary” or “Your boyfriend is an asshole.

5) Explain How You Rejected Him

The inevitable follow-up question, “So what are you going to do?” 

It would be easy to answer if she did the right thing by not responding kindly to her boyfriend! 

Hopefully, you’ll tell him you’re not interested. 

She Has A Right To Be Angry

6) She Has A Right To Be Angry

Even though you did nothing wrong, your friend will be hurt and upset. 

We know it doesn’t make much sense, but indirectly you are responsible for her pain. 

She might look at you feeling insecure and embarrassed because you saw a shady side of her boyfriend. 

Stand up for yourself, but if she needs to unleash a little anger on you, then let her. You will apologize in time.

7) Give Her Space

After you share the news, you’ll want to bombard her with texts and emails to ensure your friendship is intact. 

No, give her time to understand her feelings. If she’s a good friend, she’ll appreciate your honesty and eventually come over!

After hearing about her boyfriend’s behavior towards you, give your friend some time to work it out. 

She may be a little upset, defensive, or angry with you at first; she may even try to blame you or take his side. 

Give her time to collect her thoughts and deal with her boyfriend independently.

Remember that if she is a good friend, she will realize that you weren’t wrong and have her best interests at heart.

Don't Tell Her What To Do With Her Relationship

8) Don’t Tell Her What To Do With Her Relationship

You’ll wish your girlfriend dumped her guy the minute you learned about his flirtation, but life is complicated. 

Don’t push her to do anything she is not ready for yet. 

Even if she stays with her boyfriend, it probably won’t be long before he falters again, and then, she will have to break up with him!

Respect her decision. Your girlfriend may decide to stay with her boyfriend, and she may choose to move away from you. 

Either way, you must respect her decision and let her handle her relationship independently; however, you will need to decide whether you can guard them. 

If you decide to stay with them, consider the following:

  • Keep the dialogue open between you and her if his flirtation continues.
  • Spend less time with your girlfriend when her boyfriend is with her.
  • You plan to go to parties or events when you’re both accompanied.
  • Communicate with them immediately if they break your boundaries.

He will leave the friendship if his behavior escalates into something physical.

9) Be Prepared For The Consequences

When telling your friend about her boyfriend hitting on you, it’s essential to be prepared for the consequences. 

Your friend may be angry and hurt, and it’s possible that she won’t believe you. 

It’s also possible that she will confront her boyfriend and end the relationship.

It’s important to remember that you can’t control how your friend reacts. All you can do is be honest and supportive.

After talking to your friend about her boyfriend flirting with you, you must protect yourself and try to prevent it from happening again. 

4 Steps to take after informing your friend

1)Protect Yourself

Keep a record. Notice and mentally track when he flirts with you (or even write it down if you need to). 

It can help to think about exactly how things happened and your response if you faced it and it did nothing. 

Some questions you should ask yourself include the following:

  • Where and when does he flirt with you?
  • What does he say? Does he make sexually inappropriate comments or compliment you?
  • Was he drunk while flirting?
  • Did he try or touch/kiss you already?
  • Did the flirtation happen in front of your girlfriend or behind her back?
  • Was he flirting with other friends or other people as well?
  • How did you respond to him when he was flirting with you?

2) Avoid Things That Gives The Wrong Impression

Stop flirting. Think about whether you find him attractive. 

If so, you may be unintentionally flirting with him and encouraging him to flirt with you. 

Think about your interactions with him and see if you’ve sent him mixed signals or been flirting with him yourself.

Some flirting behaviors that you may want to avoid include:

  • Smiling at him excessively.
  • Winking at him.
  • She touched him, especially holding or rubbing his arms, hands, or knees.
  • I laugh at all his jokes.

3) Talk To Friends

Consult with other friends. Seek support from other friends who know your girlfriend and her boyfriend. 

They may have experienced the same behavior from him and were too embarrassed to talk about it. 

Even if this is not the case, they will be able to help support you and know what to do next. 

Exercise what you would say to your friend with your other friends – this will give you a confidence boost and help you stay focused and robust when it comes time to confront him.

4) Stop Worrying

Take the worry out of hurting your friendship. 

It would help if you got over the worry of hurting your friendship and your friend’s feelings and breaking her relationship with her boyfriend. 

Put yourself in your friend’s shoes and consider whether you want to know if your boyfriend behaves this way towards others. 

You probably want to know about her boyfriend’s personality and how he treats your friends, so do her the same favor. 

If she doesn’t believe you, she might not be a good friend to keep.

Let your friend know about flirty behavior sooner rather than later. 

If you let it go on for months and months without saying anything, they will likely have more strong allegations.



It can be challenging to know what to do when your friend’s boyfriend hits on you. 

It’s essential to think carefully before deciding how to handle it. 

Your friend will likely be hurt and angry, so it’s essential to be honest and supportive. 

Be prepared for the consequences, and remember that you can’t control how your friend reacts


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