Which Couples From Put A Ring On It Are Still Together

Which Couples From Put A Ring On It Are Still Together

Love, drama, and tough decisions are at the heart of the captivating reality TV show “Put A Ring On It.” Viewers become emotionally invested in the lives of the couples as they navigate the challenging terrain of relationships. But once the cameras stop rolling and the show ends, what happens to these couples? The burning question on everyone’s mind is, “Which couples from Put A Ring On It are still together?”

In this article, we will delve into the lives of these couples, exploring their journey beyond the show and discovering who managed to withstand the trials and tribulations of love, emerging stronger and more committed than ever. Get ready to uncover the latest updates and juicy details about the fates of these couples, as we dive into the world of “Put A Ring On It” and reveal the truth behind their relationships.

Which Couples From Put A Ring On It Are Still Together

The reality TV show “Put A Ring On It” has captivated audiences with its captivating portrayal of couples navigating their relationships and making decisions about their future. Viewers often wonder what has transpired since the show ended and whether the couples featured are still together.

Overview of “Put A Ring On It” TV Show

Before delving into the updates, let’s provide a brief overview of the “Put A Ring On It” TV show. The series follows engaged and long-term couples who are questioning whether they have found “the one.” With the guidance of relationship experts, the couples embark on a journey of self-discovery and explore the possibility of either getting engaged or breaking up.

Where Are Ashley and Hollywood Now?

Relationship Update

Ashley and Hollywood, one of the most beloved couples on the show, have managed to maintain their love and commitment. Since the end of the show, they have continued to thrive in their relationship, supporting and uplifting each other. Their bond has only grown stronger, and they have taken significant steps toward building a future together.

 Recent Activities and Projects

Apart from their successful relationship, Ashley and Hollywood have been involved in various projects. Hollywood has pursued his passion for music, working on new songs and collaborations. Ashley, on the other hand, has focused on her entrepreneurial endeavors, launching her own line of beauty products. Their individual successes complement their relationship and contribute to their shared journey.

Where Are Ché and Michael Now?

Relationship Update

Ché and Michael faced numerous challenges during their time on “Put A Ring On It,” raising doubts about their compatibility. Despite these obstacles, they have managed to maintain a strong friendship and mutual respect. However, their romantic relationship has transitioned into a platonic one, as they realized that they were better suited as friends than as life partners.

Recent Activities and Projects

Ché and Michael have taken different paths following their decision to transition to a friendship. Ché has focused on her career, further establishing herself in her chosen field. Meanwhile, Michael has dedicated his time to personal growth and exploring new opportunities. While they no longer pursue a romantic relationship, they continue to support and cheer each other on in their individual endeavors.

Where Are Tamika and Vince Now?

Relationship Update

Tamika and Vince’s journey on “Put A Ring On It” was filled with emotional highs and lows. Since the show ended, their relationship has encountered challenges, leading them to reevaluate their future together. While they have taken some time apart to reflect on their individual needs and desires, they remain committed to working through their differences and building a strong foundation for their relationship.

Recent Activities and Projects

Tamika and Vince have dedicated time to self-reflection and personal growth since the show concluded. They have pursued individual interests and engaged in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. Together, they are actively working on communication and rebuilding trust, recognizing the importance of open and honest dialogue.


The journey of love and self-discovery on “Put A Ring On It” has had a lasting impact on the couples involved. While Ashley and Hollywood have continued to nurture their relationship and achieve personal success, Ché and Michael have transitioned to a platonic friendship, and Tamika and Vince are committed to overcoming challenges. Each couple’s story serves as a reminder that relationships are complex and ever-evolving, requiring effort and understanding.

FAQs about the Couples from “Put A Ring On It”:

1. Are Ashley and Hollywood still engaged? Yes, Ashley and Hollywood are still engaged and have made significant progress in their relationship since the show.

2. Did Ché and Michael end their relationship? Ché and Michael have transitioned to a platonic friendship and no longer pursue a romantic relationship.

3. Are Tamika and Vince still together? Tamika and Vince are currently working on their relationship, dedicating time to addressing challenges and rebuilding trust.

4. Do the couples remain in contact with the relationship experts from the show? While the exact nature of their contact is unknown, it is likely that the couples maintain some level of connection with the relationship experts for guidance and support.

5. Will there be future seasons of “Put A Ring On It”? As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding future seasons of the show, but fans continue to anticipate further updates.

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