What to do if your spouse gets a dui

What to do if your spouse gets a dui

Partners of DUI charges are always faced with the question “What to do if your spouse gets a dui”.The first thing you should consider doing when you find out your spouse has got a Dui is to try to get him out of jail, notwithstanding the circumstances. Calling the prison before leaving home is advisable to know whether you would be allowed cash bail.

The feeling of having to bear responsibility for a drunk and law-breaking spouse can rage from calmness to intense outrage. Thus, you should set your mind towards managing the situation and handle the coaching at home.

Below is a list of things to do if your spouse happens to be in this situation:

5 Things to do if your spouse gets a DUI

Are you confused about the actions to take once you’ve been informed that your spouse was caught drunk driving? If you are then the below list would be a great guide;

1. Be Calm

Support is the best resource to utilize in this situation; remain calm, put your emotions in check and be there for your partner. Keeping calm will help your spouse get through charges, meeting with attorneys, and courtroom proceedings. Your spouse would be given the confidence to work with an attorney to handle the DUI charges.

2. Mange Everyday Living

If your spouse, due to the Dui, loses his driving license, this can strain everyday living. If your spouse was actively involved in the ambitious task of the home, picking up groceries, the kids from school,  or running errands,  basically anything made daily routines easy and better.

You must include shouldering kid pickups and sourcing alternate transportation resources to and from work for your spouse. Anything that keeps your day-to-day routine regular will help your family stay grounded and less affected.

3 Get The Right Attorney

In the exhaustion of both parties from the stress of being charged with a DUI, the next step your family should take would be crucial as it will make a significant difference.

You need to help your spouse find a DUI attorney to have your spouse’s best interest at heart and review all aspects of their case, as this would open up options and alternatives. This might include plea deals, counseling or public service choices, limited charges, or a chance wholly thrown out.

4. Counselling for possible addiction.

Having a DUI for the first time may be a mistake and left to slide. But it becomes a cause for alarm if repetitive and may indicate an underlying addiction problem. Suppose you fear that your spouse might be addicted to alcohol. Try to have an open and honest conversation with them and agree on exploring counseling for addictions.

5. Care for yourself

It would be best if you were emotionally strong and mentally ready for the task ahead. Putting yourself first and a little tender loving care would go a long way to ascertain this stability. Rely on friends or family members you trust, express your feelings and be vulnerable with them, or seek professional counseling to ensure your needs are met. You get to reflect on your current situation.

Effects Of A DUI On Marriage and Personal Life

1. Employment

A DUI or any criminal record is not a good record for employment. Many employers run background and criminal checks on prospective staff. Having an intoxication record could be a red flag as it could negatively reflect your character.

As a result, the chances of choosing someone with a clear record would be more significant. Although it is not illegal to disclose your criminal past, it is also not a good idea to keep it hidden. Chances are that if you keep it a secret, it most likely would be discovered, which further reduces your opportunity to get hired.

2. Financial Strain

A DUI charge and conviction can be financially demanding. The victim would be required to pay towing fees, impound fees, hire an attorney, and an OK.

A DUI cost depends greatly on where you live, but on average, it can run from $10000.

3. Transportation and Movement

You can lose the privilege to drive, getting your license withheld for at least 30 days or more. This could be very uncomfortable for a person who has been used to the luxury of his car and is now being forced to use other means of transportation, which can be very inconvenient.

This lack of accessibility to a car is more largely felt when you happen to be a family man.

4. Immigration Status

Your criminal records, past convictions, immigration status, and other factors o will determine whether or not deportation or other immigration roadblocks are in your future.

5. Relationships

A Dui can put a toll on you and your spouse, causing financial, physical, and emotional strain. Partners are forced to pick up the slacks and ensure that daily lives continue, notwithstanding all the changes that could come with such convictions.

What to say to a partner that got DUI

What to say to a spouse who got a DUI

After work, you and your pal go out for drinks. You are both fine enough to drive, yet you are arrested for DUI.

They might not have a valid driver’s license for six months or longer, and even longer if they receive a conviction in traffic or criminal court, depending on how quickly they can access legal counsel.

How Can Family and Friends Support Loved Ones With a DUI? is listed below.

Don’t (out loud) criticize your friend for getting a DUI.

Especially if it’s their first criminal offense, your acquaintances are freaked out if they receive a DUI.

Someone who makes such a blunder will need a companion who won’t be critical of them. After all, a DUI doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on a person’s character.

They’ll require a calm representative who understands the anxiety and regret they must be experiencing.

Fast-track your friend’s assistance needs.
Within ten days after the traffic stop, your friend should write to request a hearing if they wish to keep their license.

Your friend’s license will expire if you delay and ask for a hearing between 11 and 30 days after your traffic stop. That translates to six to nine months without a valid driver’s license.

Try not to act as their attorney.

Naturally, you want to support your friend, so their error doesn’t negatively affect their lives or the lives of those around them, including their dependent partners, children, and innocent bystanders.

Being able to provide advice is one of the best methods to assist a buddy who has been charged with DUI. Then you can expertly steer them toward someone with prior expertise in interacting with the traffic court.
Every DUI is unique, after all. Therefore, this case will likely be handled differently, even if you have prior expertise with DUIs or have perhaps gone through the procedure yourself.

Spend time with them away from legal matters.

People facing a DUI arrest find it all too easy due to the pandemic to allow their legal concerns to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
Make it a point to hang out with them as their friend outside the law or the necessity. Make sure they have something to anticipate.

Maybe you and a friend watch the same Netflix program simultaneously and live-tweet your responses.
Play a round of Among Us or another cooperative video game with your online friends.

Can I Call The Police On My Drunk Husband

Can I Call The Police On My Drunk Husband

No one likes to report a family member to the police. The reason is that the phone call sets off a series of circumstances that can lead to a criminal record, a night or nights in jail, associated resentment and family/relationship problems, administrative hassle, social embarrassment, a legal and financial burden, and even an effect on the job. Because of this, we “hope for the best” instead of solving the issue.

The issue won’t disappear if your loved one continues driving while abusing drugs or alcohol. In addition, not calling the police (whatever the reason) could endanger their life or the lives of others. A night in jail is not the worst possible situation.

When determining if a person is intoxicated and whether they should be sent to jail, a hospital, a detoxification facility, or a treatment facility until they sober up, police officers frequently have a good deal of discretion. It often relies on the laws in your state and whether they view public intoxication as a public health problem or a crime. The availability and capacity for admission into treatment facilities can also significantly impact.

Should I Report My Spouse For Drink Driving

It would be best to look for your spouse’s sake and security. You don’t have to despise or desire revenge for what he did to you to report him.

Your tip won’t result in the police stopping your spouse, so they won’t need to include it in their justification for stopping him. They’ll follow him until he violates the law (doesn’t stay in his lane, blows through a stop sign, doesn’t signal, speeds, etc.) and then pull him over, according to what is most likely to happen. They’ll use the information you provide to make a point of being nearby when he’s expected to drive drunk. It will become a DUI stop when the officer notices indications of intoxication while speaking to your husband or while driving.

Your husband (or his attorney) won’t have any cause to believe that the police were informed unless they do further investigation. If the attorney believes that the officer should not have stopped the client and wishes to attempt to dismiss the case, he will not conduct further research.

Ways You Could Be Liable For Your Partner DUI

The solution to this question is greatly dependent on if your spouse is in a  community property state or not.

Community Property

When a spouse in a community property state states owns everything acquired during the marriage, that means both assets and debts. For that reason any debts incurred while married belongs to the community estate, meaning both spouses are liable for the debt acquired by either spouse during the marriage, including student loans, credit card debt, and legal judgments. If your spouse drinks and drives, hurt someone, and is sued, you could lose everything acquired during the marriage.

Other Causes of Action Entwining Your Fates

If you don’t leave in a community property state and as such income and debts are separate, you could still be held liable for your partner’s DUI.

This can be seen if a plaintiff pursuing payment on a lawsuit judgment against your spouse goes after assets that are jointly owned by both partners, such as a house, car, or boat.

Another way you could be liable is if your spouse was driving your car when he had an accident, and you had prior knowledge that your spouse was drinking or would be drinking when driving, and yet did not refuse him when he insisted on using your car.

This is referred to as negligent entrustment, and you could be held liable for assisting him/her in committing an offense.

How to Protect Yourself Against Been Liable

If you live in a community property state, you should take into consideration filing for legal separation. This will put an end to the accumulation of community property, and any liabilities incurred after the legal separation document is filed with the state will not be your responsibility.

Note, however, that still leaves joint ownership and negligent entrustment issues. You may be able to take your spouse’s name off of the title of any joint property, but this may not be possible in all instances, depending on the mortgage, insurance, and other issues, including your ability to get your spouse’s signature.

As for negligent entrustment, I would just advise you to hide your car keys.

Drunk driving is an extremely serious issue and a rampant one during the festive season. If you are worried at all about your spouse’s ability to drink and drive, please seek help. Get your spouse some addiction counseling, get some marital help, and seek some legal advice.

If you’re interested in creating a legal separation agreement, contact a local divorce attorney. And if you find yourself involved in a negligent entrustment lawsuit, contact a local car accident attorney. As you can see, if your spouse drinks and drives, you may end up needing your own attorney.



Getting a DUI is not one of the best things to happen to anyone, and it is humiliating, expensive, and tiring. It affects both [parties in the case of a married person as several changes must be made to adjust to the new outcomes of being convicted for drinking and driving.

For Spouses, it is advisable to be a support system for your convicted partner, be there, and ensure his conviction is fair and just. However, do not neglect yourself, your feelings, and your mental health.

In the midst of the crazy, find out time to be heard and pampered, don’t forget to take it one step at a time, and remember having a DUI conviction is not the end of the world.



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