What Love Island Uk Couples Are Still Together?

What Love Island Uk Couples Are Still Together

In the world of reality television, Love Island UK has been a breeding ground for both love and drama. Contestants from different walks of life enter the villa in the hopes of finding their perfect match and, for a lucky few, even love that lasts beyond the cameras.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the Love Island UK couples who have managed to defy the odds and are still going strong in their relationships. From the sizzling chemistry on-screen to their post-villa adventures, here’s a comprehensive rundown of these enduring love stories.

What Love Island Uk Couples Are Still Together?

Before we dive into the world of post-villa love stories, let’s briefly recap what Love Island UK is all about. This popular reality TV show gathers single men and women in a luxurious villa, where they live together, date, and compete in various challenges. The ultimate goal? Finding love and taking home the prize money.

1. Season 5: Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague were another reality TV match that left Love Island and headed towards their happily ever after following their appearance on season 5. Let’s take a closer look at their journey from the villa to real-life love.

Tommy Fury, the charismatic boxer, and Molly-Mae Hague, the influencer with a heart of gold, had a rollercoaster journey in the villa. Their love story was filled with twists, turns, and even a few rivalries, but in the end, they emerged as one of the strongest couples of the season.

Love in the Time of Reality TV

Their love story began to blossom when Tommy chose Molly-Mae as his partner. Their connection grew stronger as they faced challenges, including the infamous Casa Amor twist. Despite the odds, they stayed true to each other.

Happily Ever After

After leaving the villa, Tommy and Molly-Mae continued their journey together. They moved in together, adopted a cute puppy, and their social media accounts were filled with sweet moments from their daily lives. In a world where reality TV romances often fizzle out, Tommy and Molly-Mae’s love story is a testament to the genuine connections that can be formed on the show.

2. Season 10: Jess Harding and Sammy Root

Jess and Sammy made their romance official weeks before they won the season 10 prize in August 2023. After returning home to England, they celebrated their victory with their loved ones. Let’s explore how their love story unfolded.

Love at First Sight

Jess Harding and Sammy Root’s love story began the moment they set foot in the villa. Their instant connection was evident to both the viewers and their fellow contestants. Their journey was filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and unwavering support for each other.

A Win-Win Situation

The icing on the cake for Jess and Sammy was their victory in season 10. Their chemistry and compatibility shone through, making them the winners of the show. But winning the prize was just the beginning of their journey together.

Celebrating Love

After their triumph on Love Island, Jess and Sammy returned to their hometown as a celebrated couple. Their love story was embraced by fans, and their social media accounts quickly gained followers eager to see what the future held for them.

3. Season 10: Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki

After coming in second place, Whitney and Lochan wasted no time continuing their love story. “Loch’d in,” the duo captioned a joint Instagram post in August 2023, using a play on the phrase “locked in” with his name. Let’s delve into their whirlwind romance.

Love Takes the Spotlight

Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki’s love story was a captivating journey that captivated viewers throughout season 10. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their bond grew stronger with each passing episode.

The Runner-Up Romantics

While they may not have taken home the grand prize, Whitney and Lochan emerged as fan favorites. Their journey didn’t end with the season’s conclusion; in fact, it was just the beginning of a new chapter in their love story.

Loch’d in Love

As they playfully dubbed it on social media, Whitney and Lochan were “Loch’d in” love. Their social media accounts were filled with adorable pictures, travel adventures, and declarations of love, proving that their connection was more than just a reality TV fling.

4. Season 7: Liam Reardon and Millie Court

As the seventh season of Love Island UK hit screens, it introduced us to Liam Reardon and Millie Court. Their journey, riddled with challenges and a fair share of ups and downs, exemplified the essence of Love Island.

Love Amidst Turbulence

Liam and Millie’s love story had its fair share of turbulence. From Casa Amor to recouplings, they faced the kind of challenges that could make or break any couple. But what emerged was a love that could withstand the fiercest of storms.

Milliam: A Love Story

Fans affectionately dubbed them “Milliam,” a testament to their connection. Viewers watched in anticipation as they navigated jealousy, temptation, and doubt. Millie’s forgiveness and Liam’s determination to make amends warmed the hearts of many.

Beyond the Villa

Upon leaving the villa, Liam and Millie wasted no time in building their life together. They faced the pressures of fame and media scrutiny, but their bond remained steadfast. Sharing their journey on social media, they gave fans a glimpse into their everyday lives, proving that love can conquer all, even the spotlight.

5. Season 6: Paige Turley and Finn Tapp

Paige Turley and Finn Tapp’s love story in season 6 of Love Island UK was nothing short of magical. Let’s explore their journey from strangers to soulmates.

A Winning Connection

Paige and Finn’s love story culminated in them winning the season, a testament to their undeniable connection. Their journey in the villa was filled with romantic dates, heartfelt conversations, and a level of trust that set them apart.

Building a Life Together

After their victory, Paige and Finn continued to thrive as a couple. They moved in together and even got a dog, demonstrating their commitment to a shared future. Their social media accounts showcased their adventures, home life, and unwavering love for each other.

Musical Love

Paige Turley, a talented singer, and Finn Tapp, a footballer, found a way to merge their passions. They explored music together, with Paige’s career in the spotlight and Finn’s unending support. Their journey was a harmonious blend of love and shared aspirations.

6. Season 3: Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood

Season 3 of Love Island UK saw the fiery romance between Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood. Their relationship was marked by dramatic moments, fiery arguments, and undeniable chemistry.

Turbulent Love

Chris and Olivia were known for their passionate arguments, but beneath the fiery exterior was a love that ran deep. Despite the drama, they couldn’t stay away from each other.

Reality After Reality TV

After leaving the villa, Chris and Olivia faced the challenges of the real world. Their love story took unexpected twists, including breakups and makeups. Their journey demonstrated that love, even in the most tumultuous of relationships, can be an ongoing process of growth and change.


Love Island UK has provided us with some unforgettable love stories, proving that even within the confines of reality television, real love can blossom. From the enduring love of Tommy and Molly-Mae to the rollercoaster romance of Liam and Millie, and the musical journey of Paige and Finn, these couples have shown us that love can indeed conquer all.


1. Are Liam and Millie still together? As of our last update, Liam Reardon and Millie Court were still together, navigating life beyond the villa.

2. Did Paige and Finn get married? As of our knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Paige Turley and Finn Tapp had not announced any wedding plans. Please check the latest updates for their current status.

3. What happened to Chris and Olivia? Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood’s relationship experienced its share of ups and downs. While they initially broke up, they later rekindled their romance. For their current status, consult the most recent news.

4. Is Love Island UK scripted? Love Island UK is a reality TV show, and while there may be some production elements, the relationships and interactions among the contestants are not scripted.

5. How can I watch Love Island UK? Love Island UK typically airs on television channels and streaming platforms. Check your local TV listings or streaming services for availability in your region.

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