How To Deal With Your Husband Not Wanting You: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Deal With Your Husband Not Wanting You

That you’ve come to this point in your marriage where you must figure out how to deal with your partner not wanting you is heartbreaking. Now and again, conflicts will inevitably arise in a relationship, which could result in one spouse losing interest in the other.

According to a recent study, money is one of the common reasons a husband usually deserts his wife. It was discovered that male psychological anguish is at its lowest when the spouses contribute 40% of the total home income. Those who are entirely dependent on their wives financially experience the most distress.

However, other problems could influence the decision of your husband to stop being interested. It could be communication issues, differences in personality traits, or an outright loss of interest in you.

This article will show you how to deal with your husband not wanting you.

How To Deal With Your Husband Not Wanting You: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Learn To Communicate

It would help if you determined why your husband avoids you. Sit down and discuss it when you both feel up to it. Your marriage will be calmer the more you talk to your partner. Communication is a two-way street, according to Jayant, and all parties should participate equally to understand and resolve each other’s doubts.

A study on marital satisfaction and communication skills has found that “Couples who have practical communication skills express their desires more effectively, resolve their conflicts, share their thoughts and feelings more easily with each other, feel more intimate and close to each other, and finally they experience a higher quality of marriage. Those that have a strong marriage are less likely to have marital issues. Learn to communicate.

Learn To Communicate

2. Be Comfortable With Your Husband

How at ease do you feel with your partner? You must realize how much your relationship can benefit from becoming best friends with your spouse. It can be dangerous to feel uncomfortable. You two don’t just live together in the same house. Together, you are living a life. If you say, “My husband loves me, but not sexually,” he may no longer feel at ease with you. It would be best if you created intimacy between you by:

  • Engaging in intensely emotive dialogue
  • Being open and honest with one another
  • Understanding each other’s love languages
  • Befriend each other as much as you can

3. Find Out What It Is

Find out what the problem is. Identifying the issue makes it quicker for you to figure out how to save your marriage.

The immediate answer to your question about “how to deal with your hubby not wanting you” is this. You must determine the immediate problem and whether it can be solved successfully. If you don’t focus on the issue, you won’t know how to make your husband want you.

4. Concentrate On Other Things

You two can enjoy one other’s company without engaging in sexual activity for a few weeks. Take a journey together. Work together to complete household tasks. Consider your professional and personal accomplishments. Find strategies to improve as a parent if you have kids. Because your marriage has so many other components, sex cannot be given top priority.

Search for non-sexual means of maintaining your marriage. A marriage built on love and respect doesn’t just “happen,” claims a University of Rochester research. Both partners must contribute in some way. Marriages require effort, dedication, time spent together, trust, the acceptance of shortcomings, the ability to forgive, and love.

5. Practice Empathy

Be sympathetic to your partner’s situation. Support your spouse on the road to recovery if he is facing an addiction, stress, erectile dysfunction, or any other mental health issue. You can’t just wait around and hope he will recover independently. Tell him you have seen and heard him.

Empathy helps you comprehend different types of people and base decisions not just on your sentiments but also on those of others. This doesn’t imply that you should cry with everyone who is experiencing grief, but it does mean that you should be able to recognize their sentiments and support them.

6. Be Intimate

A lack of intimacy can cause a relationship to become loveless. Being locked into a sexless marriage is not something you choose. Your mental health suffers from starting to feel unloved and insecure.

Strive to develop a strong emotional bond with him. You can create a stronger connection with your companion by assisting him in lowering his guard.

Add some compassion to the relationship. Clasp hands. Swap cheek-to-cheek touches. Go through his hair with your fingertips. When a man is shown love, it means a lot to him.

If your husband ignores you, attempt to develop a closer relationship by:

  • Serving him food
  • Gratitude for everything he does
  • Questions with a wide range of possible answers
  • encouraging his aspirations
  • Be Intimate

7. Seek A Counselor To Help

If nothing resolves the problem, you should try to seek professional assistance and work on it. A therapist will better understand the underlying causes of your issues, whether caused by a difference of opinion or a sincere lack of interest in maintaining the relationship.

Seek A Counselor To Help

We can help you to locate a therapist if you need one. If you are seeking the help of a counselor, click here.

8. Seek The Help Of Friends

Seeking the help of your friends is also one of the things to do, good friends precisely. It could be that someone can usually talk to your husband to listen, and your friends can intervene to save your marriage.

But also, people may ask why their husbands do not want them anymore. Sometimes, you could cause the issue, and sometimes not. However, why does a husband not want his wife anymore?

What Makes A Husband Detest His Wife?

1. Stress/Mental Health Conditions

When your husband refuses to touch you, what does it mean? It could indicate that he struggles with stress, despair, anxiety, or other mental health issues. As we grow older, we frequently experience health issues that prevent us from fully experiencing life, and we might be going through the same thing.

2. Low Self Esteem

Being able to love yourself requires having high self-esteem. When something falters, a person’s overall perception of themselves is called into doubt, which leads to insecurities. This might hurt your emotional health.

When someone has poor self-esteem, they believe they are unworthy of affection. Many believe they are unworthy of their partner’s intimacy, mainly if he is in love with someone else.

They refuse their partner’s advances because they believe they are unattractive and are consciously unaware of them. One of the leading causes of his complete avoidance of sex is this.

3. Disrespect

When your husband asks you to do a particular thing or stop doing them, and you don’t listen, it might make him spite you. Men love respect, and they love to be heard. Disrespecting your husband might be why he is not talking to you anymore.

4. Performance Fright

One of the most satisfying aspects of a relationship is having sex. Although you should indulge freely, many people experience performance anxiety before or during sex.

Consideration of your sexual performance regularly may cause you to avoid having sex. Readers have written to us to say things like, “My husband hasn’t touched me in years,” etc. If so, this might be the cause.

5. Financial Breakdown

Men love to be responsible and take care of their families. Sometimes, they are going through things emotionally because they’re not well-to-do. He might unknowingly be withdrawn because he is ashamed and feels he cant provide.

6. He Might Be Attracted To Someone Else

Sometimes, it might not be your fault they’re attracted to someone else and already flirting with them. Your husband may be tempted by someone else because they’re beautiful or do the things you are not doing for no cause.

Is Divorce An Option?

Divorce may be the best option in some situations. According to research, certain partnerships are dangerous or unhealthy. In other cases, we think that the best course of action for everyone would be to mend the relationship and, if at all possible, keep the family intact.

Divorce is a painful, challenging process that frequently devastates people’s feelings, finances, and family ties.
If you’re considering getting a divorce, remember that your choice will significantly impact your husband, your kids, your parents, and possibly even your extended family and friends, in addition to your own life. Divorce is not a decision that should be made hastily.

It’s a decision to end the most significant connection in your life, a relationship that might have been amazing once upon a time. You might believe there is no way to restore the marital bliss you previously experienced (or expected)

Keep in mind that even successful marriages involve effort. Because there is no such thing as a couple whose personalities are entirely in sync with each other, all romantic relationships are, to some extent, an exercise in compromise.

There is always some level of adjustment toward each other’s conflicting tastes, schedules, moods, quirks, and expectations. A happy, comfortable, and secure marriage can result from hard labor if it pays off. Should you discard something that could be so beneficial? Before you file for divorce, consider whether trying to save your marriage would be worthwhile.


This article explains why your husband doesn’t want you and how to deal with it. There are helpful tips to save your marriage and fix why your husband doesn’t want you.

Sometimes, the harm has already been so much that the marriage is not saved. So you can divorce. But before you do that, consider whether your marriage is worth saving.


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