7 Ways On How To Celebrate An Anniversary In A Bad Marriage

How To Celebrate An Anniversary In A Bad Marriage

Ways On How To Celebrate An Anniversary In A Bad Marriage may vary depending on parties involve. In this article we are going to elaborate different ways you can trigger such a big step successfully.

Marriage is a union of two matured men and women who have grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and otherwise, and have taken it upon themselves to shoulder the responsibilities that comes with it, in love understanding and commitment.

A bad marriage can happen to people who chameleon their way into it and can also happen to people who had good intentions. Falling out of love, peer pressure, financial instability, lack of peace, childlessness nagging, extended family influence and so on can be the reason why ones marriage could end up being bad.

Have you ever seen cute couples outside with matching outfits, holding hands in public, taking sweet photos, posting on line, sitting together in gatherings and all of that and then when you pay them a visit one day, you find out that they’re cat and dog, abusing each other either verbally, physically, emotionally etc, keeping of late nights, dividing the matrimonial bed, lack of communication and even cheating and when it’s another anniversary, one couldn’t help but wonder,

Below are 7 Ways On How To Celebrate An Anniversary In A Bad Marriage

1. Let it be a mutual agreement.

It shouldn’t be forced, both partners need to agree if they really want the celebration and why they would want the celebration so that one will not look coerced into something they don’t want.

Yes, another anniversary is approaching and the other partner feels there’s a need to celebrate, both partners should sit and discuss about it and probably try to convince one another to see reasons of celebrating the anniversary.
Having a mutual understanding about the celebration will help run it smoothly without issues as both partners will contribute equally to it’s success.

2. pray about the occasion

It is very important to always involve God in all our plans and whatever we set out to do. involving God implies that you acknowledge him and you’re hopeful that he could one day work on your bad marriage. praying about it will give you a spiritual insight of the whole anniversary activity.

3. Involve family and friends

Family and friends are a vital components of our marriage, they’d witness when you both walked down the aisle. Tell them about the occasion, ask for their contributions and invite them over too.
Choose a suitable location, it could be in your house or in an open place, a sit out, an eatery or thereabout, but let it where will be able to contain your invitees.

4. Avoid surprises

If you want to get your partner a gift fine, but don’t put in too much pressure on surprising each other, it might not really end well since the marriage is already a bad one. The gift could be something they like or what they’ve been desiring to have or better still, ask what they would want, don’t feel bad if the gift is rejected, understand it’s because of the situation of your marriage that was why I said don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get an expensive gift, bear in mind that it might not be appreciated.

5. Celebrate the anniversary because of your kids.

This should have come first, however what if they’re no kids? you’ll still have to celebrate anyways. But If they’re kids, make them the focal point of the celebration, the reason why you’re celebrating.

Let your anniversary celebration be about your kids and how far they’ve grown. Be an example to them. Maybe they’ve seen in other families how their parents celebrate their anniversary, don’t rob them of that experience too.

Involve them wholly in the preparation and always ask for their opinion though you might not necessarily use them but make them feel involved and this could help you put your mind in the celebration knowing your kids need to see their parents celebrate together.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Avoid pretence or cover up but don’t show aggression. it’s your marriage, you’re the one enduring it alone.

You might have to be smiling all through that day even though it’s not what you do. You both invited people to celebrate with you so why the frowns and long face?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get involved into some sort of public display of affection. You might have to take pictures together and greet your invitees together, but be careful not to get caught up with it especially if the other partner is aggressive.

Nevertheless, don’t deprive yourself of that moment’s happiness, see it like you deserve it, surviving in a bad marriage is what everyone can not take. Appreciate yourself, if you can still celebrate your anniversary despite the hurdles.

7. Be thankful and appreciate those that came around.

People went out of their way, abandoned their schedule to join you in celebrating your anniversary, the least you can do for them is appreciating them for coming around.

You can go out of your way by sending them text messages or WhatsApp messages just to show you appreciate the fact that they made out time to attend your occasion.

Appreciate your partner too, appreciate yourself and be hopeful for a better union.
Howbeit, celebrating an anniversary in a bad marriage doesn’t necessarily imply that you want to make things right, if you can make efforts fine, if you can’t, focus on the celebration, the years you’ve been together and how far God has brought you through.


Celebrating an anniversary in a bad marriage can be a challenging and complex endeavor. While it may be tempting to dismiss the idea of celebration altogether, there are alternative approaches that can help navigate this situation. Rather than focusing solely on the romantic aspects of the anniversary, it can be an opportunity for introspection, reflection, and potential growth.

Communication, honesty, and seeking professional help are essential components in addressing the underlying issues within the marriage. Ultimately, the decision to celebrate or not rests with the individuals involved, and it is crucial to prioritize their emotional well-being and personal boundaries. Remember, every marriage is unique, and finding ways to navigate the challenges and salvage the relationship is a deeply personal journey.

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