Does Cigna Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

does cigna insurance cover marriage counseling

In today’s fast-paced and challenging world, maintaining a healthy and happy marriage can be a significant endeavor. Many couples face difficulties, conflicts, and emotional challenges that impact their relationships. Marriage counseling has emerged as a valuable resource to help couples navigate through these issues and strengthen their bonds. However, the cost of counseling services can be a concern for many. In this article, we will delve into the topic of whether Cigna insurance covers marriage counseling and explore the options available to couples seeking assistance in preserving their relationships.

Understanding Cigna Insurance Coverage

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy, is a form of psychotherapy aimed at improving the communication and understanding between partners. It provides a safe environment for couples to discuss their problems openly and work collaboratively towards resolving conflicts and strengthening their relationship.

Importance of Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling offers numerous benefits, such as enhanced communication, conflict resolution skills, and improved emotional intimacy. It can be especially beneficial during challenging times, such as dealing with major life changes, infidelity, or communication breakdowns.

Does Cigna Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

Cigna is a prominent health insurance provider that offers a wide range of plans to individuals and employers. They are known for their comprehensive coverage of various medical services, including mental health treatment.

Coverage for Mental Health Services

Cigna insurance typically includes coverage for mental health services, which may encompass counseling and therapy for individuals and couples. Mental health coverage is often included as part of their standard plans, but specific details may vary based on the policy.

Inclusions and Limitations for Marriage Counseling

While Cigna insurance covers mental health services, it is essential to understand the inclusions and limitations when it comes to marriage counseling. Some policies may cover a set number of sessions, while others might require preauthorization for therapy services.

Verifying Coverage

Before seeking marriage counseling services, it is crucial for couples to verify their Cigna insurance coverage. They can do this by contacting Cigna directly or checking their policy documents for details on mental health benefits.

Alternatives to Marriage Counseling

For those without insurance coverage or with limited benefits, self-pay options are available. Many therapists offer affordable rates, and some even provide sliding scale fees based on the couple’s financial situation.

Sliding Scale Fees

Sliding scale fees allow couples to pay for therapy based on their income and financial capabilities. This can make counseling more accessible and affordable for those with tight budgets.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Employees covered by Cigna insurance may have access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). EAPs often provide counseling services, including marriage counseling, at no additional cost to the employee.

How to Get the Most Out of Cigna Insurance

Preauthorization Process

To make the most of their Cigna insurance, couples should understand the preauthorization process for mental health services. Preauthorization ensures that the therapy sessions are covered under the policy.

Utilizing In-Network Providers

Cigna typically has a network of mental health providers who are preferred and have negotiated rates. Utilizing in-network providers can lead to more extensive coverage and reduced out-of-pocket expenses.

Understanding Copayments and Deductibles

Couples should familiarize themselves with copayments and deductibles associated with mental health services. This knowledge will help them plan and budget for their counseling sessions effectively.

The Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Improved Communication

Marriage counseling can enhance communication skills, leading to better understanding and empathy between partners.

Conflict Resolution

Couples learn effective techniques for resolving conflicts constructively, fostering a healthier relationship.

Strengthening Emotional Bond

Through counseling, couples can reconnect emotionally, fostering a more profound and enduring bond.

Overcoming Barriers to Seeking Help

Stigma Surrounding Counseling

Many individuals may hesitate to seek counseling due to the perceived stigma associated with it. Understanding that seeking help is a sign of strength can encourage couples to take the step towards counseling.

Financial Concerns

Financial worries may discourage couples from seeking counseling, but exploring insurance coverage and other payment options can alleviate this barrier.

Scheduling and Time Constraints

Busy schedules may pose challenges, but making time for counseling is essential for the health of the relationship.


In conclusion, marriage counseling can be a valuable resource for couples facing challenges in their relationship. Cigna insurance often covers mental health services, including marriage counseling, but it is crucial to verify the specifics of coverage. For those without insurance or with limited benefits, alternative payment options like self-pay and sliding scale fees can provide access to counseling services. By understanding their coverage, seeking in-network providers, and exploring available options, couples can make the most of their Cigna insurance to strengthen their bond and achieve a healthier and happier marriage.


  1. Does Cigna insurance cover all types of marriage counseling?Cigna insurance typically covers mental health services, including marriage counseling. However, it is essential to verify the specifics of coverage with the insurance provider.
  2. How many marriage counseling sessions does Cigna insurance cover?The number of covered sessions may vary depending on the policy. Couples should check their insurance plan or contact Cigna directly for this information.
  3. Can couples without insurance seek marriage counseling?Yes, couples without insurance can seek marriage counseling through self-pay options or sliding scale fees offered by therapists.
  4. Are online marriage counseling services covered by Cigna insurance?Online marriage counseling services may be covered, but couples should verify this with Cigna and ensure that the provider is in-network.
  5. Is marriage counseling only for couples in crisis?Marriage counseling can benefit all couples, regardless of the stage of their relationship. It provides tools for communication and conflict resolution, improving the overall health of the partnership.
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