Dad And Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog Review

dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog is a product of Blogger Mike Julianelle, a native of Brooklyn, adores his son. However, Julianelle freely admits that being a parent can occasionally be a drag on his blog, Dad and Buried. Making the necessary changes to one’s priorities and lifestyle when caring for a small human being. He is no longer permitted to drink whenever he pleases, and many of his activities now focus more on children. Despite these modifications, Julianelle claims that he is remaining true to himself.

Who Is Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried author (aka Mike Julianelle), a forty plus Brooklyn dad who is sharing his experiences on fatherhood with sarcasm attracting negative comments from people who heard about his blog being anti-parenting blog. people have left insulting comments on his blog!
He’s also whining about the ways the existence of his son (Detective Munch is eight,) – not to mention the myriad responsibilities surrounding their existence – are destroying his social life.

Julianelle, who refers to himself as the anti-parent, uses Dad and Buried as an outlet for his anger toward critical parents, “parental experts,” and his own trying experiences as a parent. He describes himself as cynical and sarcastic and thinks it’s important for other parents to know that it’s normal to feel anxious because raising children is challenging. Julianelle acknowledges, however, that his blog will undoubtedly offend some people.
The blog

The blog serves as a continual diary of his development as a father and – soon! – as an expert parent with the world’s first and only PERFECT CHILD.
Some people regard the blog and it contents as the Best articles they’ve ever read on parenting
But rest assured, he loves his wife, he loves his son, and no matter how much he may bitch about the new addition, he still loves them.
His “buried secrets” section, where parents can share their secrets anonymously, is a well-liked feature on the blog. For example, on May 31, “Boob Tube” admitted that “The television babysits my child when I get off work every day.” My two-year-old is a couch potato.
The forum is open, but being watched for any posts that might be dangerous. Julianelle wants it to be a safe space where parents can express themselves without fear of judgment.

2 Reasons why its tagged anti parenting blog

According to Mike Julianelle below are the reasons why people may regard his blog as anti parenting blog.

1) Parenting is a drag, even when you love your son. Hell, it may be even worse than having a kid you don’t give a shit about. At least then, whatever happens, happens. No parenting required. But with a kid you love, you are responsible for his well-being and his education and his development into something-other-than-a-total-asshole. And that is hard, grueling work.

2) Other Parents are the worst. They never tire of judgment. They judge you, they judge your wife, they judge your son; only they know the secret to perfect parenting. Well, at this blog (and in Soviet Russia!), I judge them. WITH PREJUDICE. And a healthy amount of swearing.

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