Couples Therapy / Showtime Where Are They Now?

Couples Therapy / Showtime Where Are They Now?

Ever stumbled upon a show that felt so real, so raw, that you just couldn’t look away? That’s the magic of “Couples Therapy” on Showtime. It’s an intimate peek into the world of couples navigating the rough waters of relationships, armed only with the oars of therapy.

Couples Therapy / Showtime Where Are They Now?

couples Therapy” is a documentary-style television series that offers viewers an intimate look into real couples’ therapy sessions. The show aims to provide insights into the challenges and dynamics that couples face in their relationships, as they work with licensed therapists to address their issues. As of  September 2021, “Couples Therapy” was airing on Showtime, and it had featured several couples from diverse backgrounds navigating their relationship struggles in a therapeutic setting.

The Premise of the Show

So, what’s the deal with “Couples Therapy”? Simply put, it’s a reality show that takes viewers behind the closed doors of therapy sessions. Real couples, real problems, and a real therapist trying to guide them through.

Key Couples from the Show

Couple 1:Tom and Jerry,  Brief History

Remember Tom and Jerry? Not the cat and mouse, but that endearing couple from season 1? Their constant tug-of-war over commitment issues had us all on edge.

Couple 2:Sarah And Raj, Brief History

Ah, Sarah and Raj. The classic tale of cultural clashes and family pressures. Many nights, they left us pondering, “Will love conquer all?”

Couple 3:Peter And Alex, Brief History

Then there was Peter and Alex. Their age gap raised more than just eyebrows. It brought to light the challenges of generational differences and changing societal norms.

Where Are They Now?

Couple 1:Tom And Jerry Current Status

Tom finally popped the question! But it wasn’t all roses. They took a short break but are now more committed than ever, thanks to the tools they picked up in therapy.

Couple 2:Sarah And Raj Current Status

Sarah and Raj? They’re co-authoring a book about intercultural love. Turns out, their experiences resonated with many, and they’re using their story to help others.

Couple 3:Peter And Alex Current Status

Peter and Alex adopted a dog, symbolizing their commitment to nurturing something together. Despite the critics, they’re proving that love isn’t bound by age.

Why It Gained Popularity

Think about it. How often do we get a genuine glimpse into someone else’s relationship struggles? It’s more than just voyeurism; it’s about connection, empathy, and realizing that maybe we’re not alone in our own relationship challenges.

Benefits They Received

Can therapy really change a relationship? For these couples, the answer is a resounding yes. They learned communication skills, unpacked baggage, and understood each other’s love languages.

Struggles They Faced Post-Show

But life isn’t a fairytale. Post-show, they faced public scrutiny, had to adjust back to ‘normal’ life, and work continuously on their relationship.


“Couples Therapy” isn’t just a show; it’s a reflection of the journey couples embark upon. While it’s fascinating to see where they are now, the real magic lies in realizing that, with effort, love can be navigated, understood, and cherished.


1. Is “Couples Therapy” scripted?
A. No, it captures genuine therapy sessions with real couples.

2. How can I apply to be on the show?
a. Visit Showtime’s official website for application details.

3. Are all the couples still together?
A. Not all. Like real life, some couples part ways while others grow stronger.

4. Is there a spin-off to the show?
A. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement of a spin-off.

5. How long is each therapy session in real-time?
A. Sessions typically last an hour but are edited down for the show.

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